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10 Fashion Blogger Problems…

6th November 2014.
by Sarah.

Fashion Bloggers – the ethereal creatures similar to unicorns
…who get sent goodies, look pretty, and write about ‘stuff’.

Sounds easy right?


Here are the Top 10 Bloggin’ probs…

  1. Getting asked ‘so what do you ACTUALLY do?’kim9
  2. Getting sent some nasty ass products and having to decide whether to ignore them, or let the company know ‘they aren’t to your to your taste’child please
  3. Your social event calendar getting so busy you find it hard to see your friendspopular
  4. Parents think you are becoming anti-social as you are always in your bedroom, however they don’t understand you haven’t vlogged for 3 days!jasmine
  5. Buying things seems SO expensive – and you wonder
    ‘ …if only if I could get these gifted ’money
  6. When people helpfully tell you ‘you have a spot’ or ‘you look tired/rough’
    …Oh really? Thanks for the reminder…britney chin
  7. The prep that actually goes on behind the scenes of ‘blogging’
    Tidying up/Lighting/Make Up/Editing/Uploading/Responding to Comments…typing
  8. Having to explain to any ‘potential’ boyfriends that…
    ‘ermmm well, i have a blog, and Youtube channel and kinda have like 30,000 followers…’beyonce
  9. Seeing a walk in wardrobe as an ESSENTIAL due to SO many clothes/shoesclean my closet kim
  10. Wanting to just have a lazy pyjama day, but unfortunately pj’s not cutting it as an OOTDdog vacuum