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5 Girls To Follow For Home Workouts

7th May 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

Well, we’re still stuck in lockdown and if we’re being honest, our workouts are getting a bit old. There’s only so many bodyweight squats and lunges we can do before it’s time to mix it up. If you wanna get creative but don’t know where to start, here are our top 5 girls bringing you some killer home workouts. Like this post? Check out our previous roundup.


We LOVE Meggan’s super cute style and positive attitude. She’s got loads of home workouts that use little or no equipment that you can mix up or combine to create something unique. Also, she has the cutest doggo and is relationship GOALS.


We love Stef’s super creative home workouts from using chairs, tables and even cartons of oat milk. She has something for everyone whether it’s high intensity circuits or strength training you’re after. Anyone know where we can buy those abs!?


If you’re lucky enough to own gym equipment or have found some that didn’t cost an arm and leg, then Stefanie has some great little weight circuits to try. She also posts loads of amazing vegan recipes if you’re interested in nutrition as well.


Over at PD we’re all about strong and powerful women and Ajahzi is the ultimate strong babe. Check out her insta for everything from no equipment lower body to HIIT.


What’s better than one strong woman? Two! Kathryn and Kendra are super inspiring twins that are strong as HELL. We need some of that California sun to motivate our own workouts.

Who are your fave fitness gals on insta? Let us know babe!