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April Round Up

30th April 2016.
by Sarah.

April: normally known for showers and springtime, but this month it’s all about snow and Snapchat.

What PDHQ have loved this April

Two Queens have got a year older, we’ve thought about (and then obvs bought) a whole load of new shoes and watched the marathon run on by. These have been our April highlights, and a surefire sign we’re spending far too much time on Snapchat.

Gigi Hadid April birthday snapchat

Our girl Gigi Hadid turned 21. We obvs had some cake in her honour.

Queen Elizabeth gif April

And it wasn’t just that queen who was celebratin’ this month: Happy Birthday, Queenie! No one quite pulls off a crown like Lizzie herself, so tiaras off to HRH.

Kendall Jenner blue vintage car AprilKris Kardashian Kylie Jenner cars snapchat April

When it comes to cars, we’re not quite sure whether we prefer Kendall Jenner’s pastel blue vintage car, or Kris and Kylie’s amazin’ sleek styles. Can we just take all three?

Kylie Jenner shoe collection aquazurra snapchat April

Speaking of Kylie: who else saw her shoe-drobe tour on Snapchat? Unfortunately we’re lackin’ a Jenner bank balance, but, as always, PD have got your back. Try styling up Michelle – the Jenner look, but for £29.99 👌

Prince gif April

How could we not mention Prince? Royalty by name, royalty by nature, the entire office was distraught when we heard the news. RIPurple.

Kim Kardashian make up April

Ain’t nobody got time for the Kim K app (shh), but we loved seeing the tools of her trade: so much Mac, so little time.

London Marathon pub crawl map April

Run a marathon this weekend? Um, we’re… busy. Meanwhile, we found this amazin’ map following the same route, but with some thirsty stops on the way. Meet you at Embankment.

Public Desire Snapchat April

PDHQ indulged a lot on Friday. And, let’s be honest, every day of the week: a girl’s gotta treat herself, after all. If you fancy a sneak peek behind the scenes of what’s going on at our HQ, make sure you’re following us on Snapchat.

What did you get up to this month?

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