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24th January 2020.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

Let us introduce you to Bklava, a girl who is slayin’ the music industry ATM.

You name it, she does it – singer/songwriter, DJ and producer!

Her debut track ‘CNTRL’ which is out now, is written by her and produced by UK garage legend Wookie, which was recently aired as a worldwide exclusive of DJ Target’s Radio 1Xtra show! 

Drawing on many of her influences including her Lebanese heritage, Bklava has a jam packed release schedule over the coming months in 2020 and has just release her debut single which came out on recently via Long Lost Brotherthe label responsible for the garage anthem Sia – Little Man (Wookie Remix) back in 2003. 

Now we know abit of background on this bae, let’s get to the Q&A!

For our Public Desire Bae’s who might not know you yet, could you give us a quick intro to yourself and what you’re all about?

Hi, I’m Lara aka BKLAVA, I’m a DJ, producer, singer and performer originally from London, now living in Brighton. I’m half Lebanese, hence the name BKLAVA. I am mainly a Garage gal at heart but have a love for most electronic/soul music. 

If you had to choose, do you have a career highlight so far?

Once warmed up for Annie Mac, that was very cool. Also having my music played on BBC Radio One Xtra was definitely memorable,I was sat around on the sofa with my family and as soon as we heard the song we all jumped up screaming!

For anyone reading this hoping to pursue a similar career to you, would you have any advice for them?

Practice, practice, practice! DJing isn’t easy, it’s an art form that requires an awful lot of time, dedication & passion – work hard at your craft and great things may happen.

Do you have a go to look for on stage, or just an outfit that’s your fave for performing?

I’m in LOVE with this faux leather dress I got recently, it’s covered in buckles and it’s just really beautiful. Makes me feel sexy.

If you had to explain your style in three words, what would they be? 

Fearless, swaggy & bold

Talking of fashion, do you have anything of the PD site you’re loving ATM?

I really like the Zina Purple Croc Boots, they’re so cool – been after a pair of knee highs for a while and I LOVE a good croccy number.

Could you share a fun fact about yourself?

I love pole dance, been doing it on and off for a couple of years. I had to learn it for a part I was playing in a show and been doing it every week ever since!

What’s next for you? 

Just gunna carrying on being a bad b****! Got loads more tunes waiting to be released for 2020 and continue shelling the raves!

Where can our Public Desire Bae’s follow you? 

You can follow me on insta at @bklava_ and new music here: Got It Good on Spotify.

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