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BOSS BAE: Krystal Roxx

22nd October 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

This week we wanted to introduce you to babe, Krystal Roxx.

Krystal is the woman behind the Superfoxx clubbing collective, a brand led by women (with all female lineups) that advocates and encourages the masses to enjoy ‘conscious clubbing’. Their events are dedicated to throwing health and fitness conscious parties where club-goers are offered wellness activities including yoga amongst other things. 

Krystal’s Superfoxx residency with Ibiza Rocks this summer has seen artists such as Kelis and Anne-Marie headline her shows – the final one of the summer was headlined by Stefflon Don on 22nd September!

Krystal also runs the Superfoxx DJ Academy out of East London, which helps nurture the next generation of female talent – the profits of the aforementioned parties go towards funding DJ workshops for women and run by women. For this she actually won The Times Entrepreneur Of The Year Award!

So now we know the specifics, lets get to know the gal herself..

Hi Krystal, could you give us a quick intro about yourself?

I’m Krystal Roxx, I’m A DJ and founder of Superfoxx and I believe in empowering women in music.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Superfoxx, how would you explain what you guys do? 

We are a collective of female talent hosting parties to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

We love the concept of Superfoxx, has there been a particular highlight for you so far?

When Melanie C DJ’d for Superfoxx it was huge!

As well as an amazing time at the events, we know a cut of the profits go to supporting the next generation of empowered woman. Could you tell us a bit more about this incredible info?

We run mentoring projects. It’s basically speed mentoring for girls where foxes (skilled women in their industry) in music or fashion, politics or anything will come into a school and meet the girls and they can learn their industry.

We can only imagine just how crazy busy your schedule must be as a producer & DJ too, for anyone wanting to following in your footsteps, would you have any advice for them?

My advice would be write it down. Write it all down. Lots of people do lots of different things so if you’re multitasking you have to keep track of what’s really important to you instead of getting distracted by other things. That can easily happen so that’s why I would say write down what you really want. Keep it simple but work on it every day.

For someone looking for the perfect party look, what would be your top picks from the PD site? 

Any jumpsuit! I’m always a jumpsuit kind of girl. The sexiest thing is when you feel comfortable because then you’re confident and you feel super sexy. I don’t wanna be pulling down my skirt all night because that’s just not the one.

What’s next for you? (any upcoming events, special shows, personal life etc.)

Yes! We’ve got more music, hopefully another EP before the end of the year. There will be some London dates for the Superfoxx parties coming up. We’ll have a dinner aspect and then live music, and then a rave. That’s gonna be really cool and again an opportunity to put live artists on. So many people are so talented!

Be sure to follow Krystal over on her personal Instagram and Superfoxx Instagram here!

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