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5th July 2018.
by Camly.

Meet our latest boss bae – Abi Hand, a booking agent at MN2S . Her client roster includes Little Boots (DJ), Jodie Harsh, Paigey Cakey, Toploader, and some of a fave fashion-fierce Queens from Ru Paul Drag Race.


Tell us about yourself

My name is Abi Hand, I’m 22 and work as an agent at MN2S. I look after a variety of strong female DJ’s and Live solo artists and bands, as well as members of the Drag community who have recently appeared on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

I love to chat to people (possibly a bit too much!), I am outgoing and always like to be busy seeing friends, attending gigs or spending time with family – I literally can’t sit still.


What inspired you to work in the music industry?

I always knew I wanted to work in music but wasn’t sure how or what role I wanted to do. My dad always said “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and so from that I aimed to get myself into an industry that had a place in my heart – which was music.


How did you land your current job?

I studied Media and Communications at BCU and took modules in Music Business, Music PR and TV Music – which opened my eyes to different areas of the industry.

I took some time to do various placements at recording studios and radio stations in Birmingham, as well as hosting a radio show on my Uni’s student station which helped me understand music trends and playing to your audience.

When third year was coming to an end I started exploring music-related companies in London and reading up on the different roles that were available – from this is stumbled upon the Agent Training Programme that MN2S offer and within a couple of days of applying received a call from who is now my manager! Everything just fell into place from there.  😊


Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to become a booking agent?

Being an agent has its ups and downs, as does any job – the music industry can be really tough, especially for a young female, and so the best advice I could give would be to be outspoken and confident in your role.

Even if you don’t have the experience that others may have, if you’re confident when speaking to clients and work hard then you’ll find that success comes your way.



Describe your typical day…

My days vary from being incredibly busy in the office, to going out and meeting with artists and clients.

I make a conscious effort to get to know the artists on my roster, and I find this is most effective through face-to-face interaction. Whether this means they come down to the office or we meet over a drink.

I have new bookings coming in daily, however the type of bookings that come through are definitely seasonal. Sometimes I can be overloaded with offers coming in and sometimes it can be very quiet…that’s just how it goes!


What has been your biggest achievement?

I’d say my biggest achievement since starting my career at MN2S a year ago would be booking the headliner, Sister Sledge, for Tokyo World Festival in Bristol. The festival is amazing and so diverse and it feels great knowing that you were behind an announcement that gets the audience really excited!


Describe your style?

My style is almost definitely seasonal – in the summer I love to be girly and dress in bright colours and prints, it’s the time where I wear cute tea dresses and playsuits or paper-bag shorts and denim skirts. I love yellows, pinks and oranges and my wardrobe generally becomes way more exciting.

However, I also absolutely love Autumn/Winter because I get to whack out the grandad jumpers and get away with wearing darker clothes without looking too drab. It’s also when I get to pull out the classic black chunky boots that make even the easiest outfits look as though I have made an effort, which is super handy when I have little time to get ready in the mornings.



Where is your favourite hangout in London?

I live in North London so I spend a lot of time in Camden or Old Street. There are always new events popping up and fun bars that aren’t too expensive with great music. I love going to watch local live bands so venues such as Camden Assembly and outdoor spaces such as Flat Iron Square are great to do this.


Have you attended any exciting events this year? If not what would be your dream one to go to, or act to see perform?

I recently went to The Great Escape Festival in Brighton which is such a great festival for new, fresh music.

This year I am focusing a lot on Pride/LGBTQ/Drag events in support of my artists. I am attending Brighton Pride in August and am super excited to see Britney (obviously!!!), but also have the privilege of being invited to shows such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race Werq The World Tour where I get to see lots of amazing Queens and experience Drag Shows.

If you’ve never been to one I HIGHLY recommend going as the atmosphere is amazing and the love, support and positivity within this community is incredible.



Which artists do you currently have on-repeat?

My music taste is so broad so it goes from anyone like CHVRCHES to Don Broco to Post Malone to Gorillaz. Anything that’s got a fun, disco/funky vibe is currently sitting on my 2018 playlistA lot of collabs and a new zine is in the works so please watch this space…

What is the best thing about working in the music industry?

Most people would think that the answer to this is the free gig tickets but this really does take a back seat to getting to work alongside some really talented artists and helping them achieve success!

I work with artists on all levels from Little Boots and Toploader to some really great, more local brass bands such as Dat Brass, and receiving positive feedback from all of them after a show or after finalising a tour is a great feeling.

All of these artists work super hard and so watching them achieve success and be really pleased with the work you have produced is really rewarding.

Being an Agent is not a 9-5 job its certainly around the clock dedication but if they’re happy then you’re happy and that’s the best thing for me!

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