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22nd October 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

Today we wanted to introduce you to Sophie and Tucker, they’re a GRAMMY nominated duo who recently dropped their new EP ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE’ which features hit single ‘Swing’ which has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify since its July release.

Better known to worldwide audiences for their infectious single ‘Best Friend’ which launched the iPhone X, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern are a genre-blending duo who embrace themes of inclusivity and self-empowerment in their songs. ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE’ is the highly-anticipated follow up to their GRAMMY nominated debut album, ‘Treehouse’. 

So lets get to know them in a little more detail..

For anybody who might not know about you guys yet, please could you give us a quick intro? 

We are two best friends: Sophie and Tucker. Our music and the world we create is the strange combination of our two brains, combined.

In terms of your music, could you explain it in three words?

Positive dance jungle

We LOVE just how much of a LOOK you both have going on, when looking for outfit inspo do you have a go-to place to look for it?

Everywhere. Friends. New cities. We love going shopping when we travel.

Speaking of fashion, do you have a particular go-to look when performing?

Right now, Tuck always does our ST uniform (as seen in the FIFA video game), with colorful crazy leggings.

Sophie has always worn all white flowy clothes with a cape, but this time made her own clothes and embroidered neon fabrics into the whole thing.

We adore your track Best Friend with Nervo, the video is so cool! Could you tell us a bit more about the song and the music video itself? 

Thank you! It really was just a fun friend track. We made it in a garage in Florida and wrote it about friendship, so then figured we would send it to our friends for features! 

It ended up being the perfect excuse to bring a bunch of people we love to Ibiza to have the best weekend together and shoot a music video at the same time! 

With such a strong fashion sense, I’m sure our PDBaes would love you know your top picks from the PD site..

Sophie: Oooo I love the Orange High neck slogan bodysuit so much. Also, this whole look with the Pink Tie Dye Hoodie & Joggers are exactly what I want to be wearing right now on a cozy off day.

Do you have a career highlight so far, something that really stands out? 

This year’s Coachella was really special because we built a brand new production for it. We had been working on it for a year and it really came to life even better than we could have imagined. Now, we bring a full neon jungle with us everywhere we play! 

Also, Grammy’s this year was so special because we got to bring our families as our dates. It was so nice to have an excuse for us all to hang out and celebrate together.

What is next for SOFI TUKKER?

We have a full-length album coming out the first half of next year, and we are going to be touring the world nonstop! 

Be sure to check out Sofi Tukker over on Insta for all their current gigs, we can imagine a night with them is one you won’t forget!

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