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BOSS IT at Work!

14th December 2018.
by Leah Stone.

The time of year is coming around, when we’re encouraged to re-evaluate our life plan and Boss It at work! Time to reflect on the year past, make resolutions and start afresh with a ‘New Year, New You’ attitude.

So, that for you could be new relationship, a new home, a new look or a new career.

But PD is here to help you werk it out and become the next generations #GOALS, Gurl Boss style…

At PDHQ we have some seriously ambitious qweens, bringing hard werk and snatched style erry day of the week.

So I pinned a few down for a little career advice to keep y’all positive. Always shooting for the top when it comes to your 9 to 5 in 2019.

Jemma Neill, PD Clothing Buyer, Stylist and all round Mega Hun on how to Boss It at work-

Daily Mantra:

‘Don’t be the same, be better!’

Best Bits:

The best thing about my job is the excitement and buzz I hear about our clothing range from the customers! There’s no better feeling than seeing someone bossing life, being confident and looking boujee in a range I developed! I also LOVE getting to work on location and travel too. Recently I was in Milan styling a photoshoot for our new Party collection!

Real Talk:

If I could tell my younger self something motivational to Boss It at work it would be, ‘don’t get too comfortable in a job. You may be happy but you should always strive for more. The chances you take are so rewarding and bring you closer to your dream! Don’t be afraid to share your opinions cause you got dis gurl, seriously! You go Glen Co Co!!!’

Werk It Like Jemma:

My perfect work outfit from the PD collection is a pair of heeled biker boots, snake trousers, a cute roll neck and borg teddy longline coat. See me slither into the office with this killah look!

Tan Long Teddy Coat

Werk your own boss look – SHOP NEW-IN

P.S Check back at WORD! again soon gurl, for more empowering inspo from certified PDBAES bossing it in all kinds of careers!