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Byron Body TEATOX – The Honest Review!

27th October 2014.
by Sarah.

On a constant quest for a healthier lifestyle, we PD gals were over the moon when a package from Teatox landed in our office.

Us girls have the best of intentions, and to be quite honest we find substituting a Twix for a Milky Way a major lifestyle overhaul.
(Calorie saving of 150!)BOOM

So anything that promises weight loss, glowing skin and bags of energy immediately grabbed our attention…

So what’s the deal?

Basically it’s a 14 day program, with 3 cups a day to be consumed 30 mins before each meal.

First things first the product is be-a-utiful, rather than your standard loose-leaf tea, this looks more like dried flowers.
In order to diffuse the tea, we had a little Byron Body man, you simply pull off his rubber trousers, fill his pants with the floral treats and immerse him into your cup to relax for 5-7 minutes.
(I can’t believe I just said that…)

What’s in it?

– Jasmine

– Myosotis Sylvatica

– Mint

– Rosebud

– Rosemary

– Hibiscus

– Pu erh Tea

– Lotus Leaves

What’s it like?

Well, it looks, smells and tastes divine.

In spite of the ‘OMG be careful – my cousin’s friends, auntie’s mum had that and poo’d her pants’ threats,
…there were NO adverse reactions.

We did find however that we felt less bloated, refreshed and our skin became noticeably clearer.

1 2You can buy Teatox here