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Glitter is your new best friend this Summer!

5th June 2017.
by Ella.

If it’s a festival, a party or just for fun, glitter is the way to go! Glitter has been everywhere over the past year and it’s definitely here to stay. With sequins, glitter and excess amounts of highlight you will be ready to hit the dance floor in no time. 

Why Glitter is Hot Right Now!!

Reach your shine and sparkle limit and be extra glam this summer! A few years ago piling large amounts of sequins, glitter and highlight on your face would seem weird, but now we can’t get enough of it. In clothing, shoes, accessories, face and hair it’s becoming a competition to out sass one another with who can stand out the most. As well as making your Instagram feed look extra glam!

Highlight Queen

Highlight has now become a girl’s best friend when wanting to get your glitz on. Grab yourself a powerful golden highlighter and your good to go. Just remember there is no limit, just pile on the highlight as much as you want which will to make your cheek bone pop even more! Add some glitter over the top to add even more sass to the overall look.

Eye’s are The Limit

Gone are the days of subtle eye makeup. When it comes to festival season the more glitter on your eyes the better! Take that false lash glue down from your shelf and pile it on your eyes and them cover your eyes in as much glitter as possible. You may get some in your eyes in the process but it will all be worth it! Take a different route into eye makeup and put glitter underneath your eyes, to make them sparkle under the lights of the dance floor lights. Doing this will also make your eyes look bigger and give you major make-up points.


Brow Time

The brow’s are always an area of your face that takes time and precision to make it look right. Not this time! Instead of putting glitter in the usual places, change it up and make yourself stand out from the crowd as a PDBae. Put glitter under your eyebrow to highlight the underneath of it. Or you can bring all the sass and cover your whole eyebrow in glitter, or in this case use metallic gold paint! This may sound like a bad idea at first but you will look perf’ when it’s done.

Make That Collar Bone Pop!

Go extra wild and put glitter on your body! Make that collar bone pop by adding some gold glitter and sequins just below the neck. This will make you stand out from the crowd even more and give you major style points in your overall look.

Glitter Lips

Now glitter on your lips may look uncomfortable but think of how glam you will look. The Clothes Show Live has seen some major glitter lips, with customers queuing for ages waiting to get them done in a wide range of colours. You can get them online but if not you can easily do it yourself. Grab yourself some glitter, whatever colour you fancy. The brighter the better! Then some eyelash glue and just dab it on your lips. Then add as much glitter as possible to make you be seen from a mile away!

Hair and Stare

Now to our favourite part, glitter in the hair! If you get it right it can look amazing. All you will need is some hair gel, dry shampoo, hairspray, a paintbrush and any glitter of your choice. Apply the gel and then dab on as much glitter as possible and you will represent the ultimate PDBae!!

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