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Hair Tutorial – Triple Dutch Braids

27th April 2017.
by Hayley.

Hair braids have been a trend that has been slowly coming up through the ranks and this year they are literally everywhere. Not only are they perfectly practical, they are also super versatile and are just dying to be decorated with jewellry, glitter and anything else you can think of to chuck on there. You might have seen this one on our snap, but here is a step by step guide to the festival hair you will be wearing all summer long.

 Triple Dutch Braids

For Festival inspired Triple Dutch braids you would need:

– Styling Cream
– Hair Brush
– 3 Elastic hair ties
– Glitter of your choice – you can never have too much
– Soft makeup brush
– Ribbon (optional – for extra sass)
– Hair studs (again depending on the sass levels needed)


Step One

Section Hair into three even sections and tie each side section away.

Step Two

Grab the middle section and split the top part into three equal strands. Take the left strand and cross is under the middle one. Now take the right strand, and cross it under the middle.

Then start adding more hair into the braid. Take a small section of the hair that’s already down on the left side, and combine it with the current left section and cross under the middle strand.

Then repeat with right side and continue braiding down until you reach the end. 

Step Three

Repeat the dutch braid on the side sections and your Triple Dutch braid is complete.

Step Four

For the 1st and 3rd braid, add in some ribbon and wrap it round the bottom half of the braid from top to bottom.

Then repeat with another piece of ribbon from bottom to top and create a criss cross pattern.     

Step Five

Get creative, go wild. For this one, more is more. Make a statement and get that glitter parting gals dream of.

Apply some hair gel or some styling cream to your parting or wherever you want the the glitter.

Then use a brush to dip and dab the glitter on to the areas you have applied the styling product.

Want to add in extra? We’ve also added in some hair studes to complete the final look. 

The Finished Look

Hope you love it as much as we do!



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