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How To Get That Booty

2nd January 2017.
by Sarah.

New year, new me? If you’re making the same resolution as last year, but plan to actually tone up in 2017, then these bum exercises will show you how to get that booty in no time at all. Just gotta put in that werk.

Build That Booty

We all know that big booties are all the rage right now – but the ultimate question we find ourselves asking is – how do I get one?

If you were born with some extra junk in the trunk – then you’re one step ahead! Yes, we’re talking about the Kimmy Ks of the world – she did break the internet with dat booty after all. But we ain’t all that lucky – sigh. So if you wanna make sure that you’re ready to take on the world from the back first, then these are the bum exercises you need to add to your repertoire to make sure you’re peachy for 2017.

“Don’t expect changes overnight. Put in werkkk 🍑”

We look to fitness blogger Tammy Hembrow for the ultimate booty inspo. Known for her fit physique and pregnancy, Tammy is our ultimate booty crush. After a year of hard work on those bum exercises and dedication Tammy announced her booty transformation to the world:


Don’t worry we were blown away too! We’ll give you a minute to re-focus.

 So, Let’s Get Building that Booty

Tip 1: You are what you eat

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen and there’s no exception for your booty either. If you wanna get that perky peach you gotta eat clean. We’re not saying to cut the crap and eat lettuce for every meal – although a salad for lunch is the right move! But it is all about getting that perfect balance and eating everything in moderation. Here’s some food for thought –


Start the day the right way with fresh foods – anything out of a packet is NOT good for you – so ditch the diet Belvita bars and swap them for a yummy green smoothie – we recommend avocado, spinach and kale as your key ingredients – basically anything green chuck it in! This will help trim the fat that surrounds your muscles so they look leaner and muscular.

To gain muscle the only true way is to consume a hella lot of protein so get munching on these foods girls – eggs, chicken, salmon, tuna, turkey, steak, beans and legumes, soya nuts, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.30.55

Make sure you have a protein shake after every work out so your muscles can repair bigger and stronger – don’t worry, you won’t turn into one of those hench gym lads. We mean look at Tammy – you’d be crazy not to!

Tip 2: Booty Building Bum Exercises

We’ve all heard the dreaded line – SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT. But fortunately for us there are lots of bum exercises you should be performing to get that bubble butt.

One of the most important exercises is CARDIO. Yep, that’s right, it’s time to get sweaty! Without cardio your muscles can’t pop out beneath the fat, so get your trainers on bae we’re going cross country.

Home Exercises

These are our favourite bum exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime without having to go to the gym.

Donkey Kicks / Straight Leg Lifts

You can adapt this exercise to target different areas – try it with a bent leg and a straight leg to feel the burn.

All you’re gotta do is get on all fours and alternate between kicking your bent leg up behind you backwards, then straightening it out behind you. Do each for 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg. Repeat three times.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog

Jump Squats

As it kinda says in the name, this bum exercise is simply squatting down and then jumping straight up in the air, to land back into a squat. Repeat for thirty seconds, rest for ten, then repeat. Make sure you squeeze your bum when you’re jumping to build that butt quickly.


Hip Raise / Single Leg Bridges

Try this exercise with both legs on the ground or one leg raised in the air whilst you hip thrust. Repeat for thirty seconds on each leg before resting.

Wanna take things up a level? Rest a weight across your hips to get that sweat on.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog

Mountain Climbers

With your body and arms straight, raise one knee towards your chest, then replace with your next: just like you’re running. To really work your abs at the same time, try raising your knee across your body rather than straight across the torso.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog

Fire Hydrants

Kneel down on all fours, and raise one knee out to the side, making sure it keep it bent. Repeat for thirty seconds, then do the same on the other leg before resting.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog


This one’s great for the abs too, so definitely make time for it. Lay on your side, supporting your head with your lower arm with legs together slightly bent. Then slowly lift your top leg, making sure you squeeze your bum at the same time to keep it in action. Repeat for thirty seconds before repeating with the other leg.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog

Pistol Squats

Stand on one leg, and bend the other so that your foot is just off the floor. While keeping your balance, squat down, bringing the second foot straight out in front of you. Keep your arms out to balance you. Repeat on the other leg.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog

Squat Kick – To the side or behind

This is one of the ultimate bum workouts. Squat down with legs should width apart, and then squeeze your bum on the way up whilst taking your leg out to the side, then repeat with the other leg. Feel free to kick to the side or behind.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blog


Gym Exercises

Don’t forget you can add weights to all of the above exercises if you’re feeling brave. Here are our favourite exercises to burn that booty in the gym.

Barbell Squat

With legs wider than shoulder width with feet turned slightly out, hold the barbell across your shoulders, making sure to not let the full weight sit on your back with support from your arms. Squat down into a deep sumo squat, then stand up making sure to squeeze your butt on the way back up.


Sumo Squat

With your legs wider than shoulder width and feet turned slightly out, squat down and then squeeze your bum on the way up. Hold a weight across your centre to add extra weight.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Goblet Squat

The same as a sumo squat, but with the weight held higher towards your chest.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Braced Squat

Again, this bum exercise is just like the sumo squat, but with the weight held out in front of you.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Dumbell / Barbell Deadlifts

With legs slightly closer together than if you were in a sumo squat, hold two dumbbells straight down then squat with your arms following the shape of your legs until you’ve finished your squat. Come up slowly, squeezing your bum.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Dumbbell Lunges

Using alternate legs, step forwards and lunge into a low squat, then stand back to a standing position with legs together. Hold two weights, one in each hand.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Side Lunges

Starting in an upright position, hold a eight above your head with both hands. Start by lunging to one side, bringing the weight down to your chest, then return to the middle starting position. Repeat on the other leg. Continue for one minute, before resting.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Curtsy Lunges

Start standing with your legs shoulder width apart, holding weights in both hands. Cross your leg behind you, like you’re curtsying, then squat down before returning to the standing position then repeating with the other leg.

Bum Exercises | Public Desire Blo

Love Tammy Hembrow and her killer bum exercises as much as we do?

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  • Rebecca : Lifestyle Editor

    25th January at 5pm

    Hey Loriena, Try heel touches - lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Raise your head and upper back so they're off the floor, then extend your arm to touch your heel on one side, then the other. Repeat for 40 seconds, rest for 20, then repeat as required. PDHQ

  • Loriena Johnson

    25th January at 12pm

    My stomach is flabby on the sides what exercise Can I do.