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Historical Women PDHQ are Vibin’

23rd June 2016.
by Sarah.

It’s hardly surprising the gals at PDHQ are all badass baes who know a thing (or fifty) about how to make sure they’re always on their A game. As we head to the polls to vote in the EU referendum today, possibly one of the most hotly contested votes in the UK this millennium, we’re havin’ a thought about all the historical women who got us here today. Sass level: 100.

Historical Women We’re Lovin’

Historical Women - Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman

Why this bae is badass: First ever British astronaut, and first woman to visit the Mir Space Station.

Werk it: Helen Sharman applied for the job after hearing a radio advert. Seen something ya fancy? Go for it. You never know what could happen.

Historical Women - Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft

Why this bae is badass: Leading feminist philosopher.

Werk it: Don’t let your personal and work lives mix. Wollstonecraft was 100% on it, no matter what kind of hell was breaking loose at home.

Historical Women - Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Why this bae is badass: She’s Queen Lizzie, ’nuff said.

Werk it: Sibling rivalry has got a lot to answer for, but Queen Elizabeth I is one of the historical women we admire most for her steadfastness and true resolution.

Historical Women - Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II

Why this bae is badass: She’s Queen Lizzie, ’nuff said.

Werk it: The longest reigning monarch ever, and she sure knows how to rock a pastel.

Historical Women - Alice WalkerHistorical Women - Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Why this bae is badass: Made sure African-American women were given a literary voice in America.

Werk it: Started schoolin’ others by getting through school herself.

Historical Women - Angela Carter

Angela Carter

Why this bae is badass: She took the classics and made them her own.

Werk it: Never accept the norm: cos only basics will do what they’re told.

Historical Women - Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran

Why this bae is badass: She decided she wanted to be a writer, and worked ’til it happened.

Werk it: So what if you haven’t had everything given to you on a plate? It’s all about how you make it happen yourself.

Historical Women - Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley

Why this bae is badass: Created the most timeless monster ever.

Werk it: Stuck inside cos the “Hottest Summer Since Records Began” hasn’t turned up yet? Crack open a bottle, and start telling ghost stories: you might be onto something.

Historical Women - Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Virginia Switzer

Why this bae is badass: The first woman to officially run a marathon.

Werk it: This gal is proof that women can be just as kickass as men. 27 miles? Yeah, we like that.

Historical Women - Angela Merkel

Angela  Merkel

Why this bae is badass: Killin’ it on the daily in European politics.

Werk it: When Merkel enters the room, no introductions are necessary: her reputation and work ethic proceeds her.

Historical Women - Amelia Earheart

Amelia Earhart

Why this bae is badass: First female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Werk it: Ridin’ solo, ignoring all the haters saying she couldn’t.

Historical Women - Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Why this bae is badass: She’s not just the President’s wife.

Werk it: This First Lady is a political force in her own right: makin’ sure she adds a lil sass to any political presentation, and giving plenty of American women a little bit of extra kickass col.

Historical Women - Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Why this bae is badass: First woman to win a Nobel Prize. And she won it twice. Casj.

Werk it: If you could sum Marie C up in one word, it’d be pioneering.

Historical Women - JK Rowling

JK Rowling

Why this bae is badass: She killed the publishing scene, and made glasses cool.

Werk it: Those nine publishers who rejected the Harry Potter books have got to be kickin’ themselves now. No matter what, keep slayin’.

Historical Women - Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst

Why this bae is badass: Paved the way for female suffrage in the UK and, in turn, the world.

Werk it: Get the squad together and be sure to remember you’re all girl bosses in your own right.

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