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Love Island : Best bits so far

19th July 2017.
by Camly.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 44 days you will have seen at least one ep of the most talked about TV Show this year, and if you haven’t, then girl you need to get to know.

Yep, thats right, Love Island has been in everyone’s lives for that short time but the world is obsessed – well at least everyone at PDHQ is. Every office conversation turns to the Island of Love and to think there is only a week left of the drama is just unbearable. So to prepare ourselves, we’ve looked back over some of the best bits so far. Get scrollin’ bae and take a trip down the Love Island memory lane of LOL’s.


Montana and her Love of Dance

She’s got the looks, shes got the sass but we’re not too sure if she has the moves!? Sorry Mon.


Synchronized Sass

When you’ve got nothing better to do than choreograph a synchronized swim. That’s the dream.


Camilla joined Blazin’ Squad

Camilla is the villa’s residence prin. Time for her to learn the moves of the Blazin’ Squad.

Theo’s love for Jonny

Theo in general was one best bit. He came in caused outrage and left. This moment was a firm fave.

When Cam returned from the Hideaway

When all the girls – especially Montana were buzzing for Cam when she returned from the hideaway with that ear to ear grin.

Hairdresser Kem

He’s a qualified hairdresser and he knows exactly what the trends are. Can’t wait for this one to catch on.

What happens in Casa Amour . . .

Did the lads not realise that just because they were in a new villa we wouldn’t see what they got up to.

When Stormzy caused a stir

As if it’s not major enough that Stormzy is a fan, but the reaction to his tweet caused outrage between Chris and Liv. As always.


The Return of Muggy Mike

Just because he didn’t cause enough drama the first time round. Put him back in the villa and see what else he can shake up.


Chris and Kem

But at the end of the Love Island journey, we all know that the real couple to come out of this will be Chris and Kem. Unless something very dramatic happens over the next week, these two are the real #couplegoals.


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