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Love Island – The Best Memes

25th July 2017.
by Camly.

Last night was the final of the show that everyone has been talking about for the past seven weeks. Love Island has been everywhere this summer and here at PDHQ we cannot get enough. Every conversation turns into Love Island. Even those select few that haven’t been watching it – or say they haven’t been watching it – know all about Liv and Chris’ antics and 100% know Amber’s type on paper. But lets face it, the best thing thats come out of it, that isn’t Kem and Chris’ bromance goals, its the memes. They have been a laugh a second, and we cannot get enough.


As it gets closer to 9pm the warning messages come in. Everyone get the brews and snacks ready. It’s time.


Who could forget when Jess came in and muscled inbetween Dom and Montana. Who knew Jess and Dom would be the power couple they are today.


Stormzy tweeted and gave his opinion. This would be the most savage comeback to one of Liv’s many arguements.


The drama Casa Amour caused. Sorry Gabs but when you look this good, you’ve gotta get it on the ‘gram.

Kem and Amber have not always been the Nations Fave. Amber didn’t make the best first impression.


If anyone needed advice with anything Marcel was the man to go to. He showed us all what a true gent he is.


 Meeting the parents is just as important as meeting the pets. Don’t get along with my cows, don’t get along with you.


Tyla entered the villa and made a B-Line for Jonny. We thought Jamilla we’re stronger than that, but then again karma pulled through and Camilla remained a Qween.


Marcel – Doin’ it for the ‘gram.


Poor Dom was left heartbroken when Jess was voted out of the villa by the lads.


Love Island has stopped everyone’s social lives for the past seven weeks. Now time to try and nurture those neglected friendships.


This was defo the majority of the UK last night now it’s all come to an end. Praying for a Winter themed Love Island ASAP.


And on a final note. Kem and Amber may have waled away the offical winners, but Camilla walked away with Jamie #swoon.


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