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Mani Monday – Au Naturale

29th September 2014.
by Sarah.

With so many options now for our talons, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when venturing into the nail salon.

Please don’t judge me when I say this, but I have been around and tried it all… acrylic, shellac, gel, minx, extensions – been there done that!

With the beauty trends for next season being previewed it is safe to say, natural is back!

After being a diehard fan of weekly mani’s, how easy can it be to embrace the natural look?

You will need to invest in a few essentials, but after that you’re good to go.

It is surprisingly addictive caring for your own nails, and nothing beats telling prying eyes ‘they’re natural!’

What you will need:

What to do:

This is all about maintenance, it really does help if you can get into the habit of regularly taking  nail vitamin, as it contains added proteins to help your nails grow.

  • Use the cuticle oil daily
    Keep it somewhere you will see in the evenings so that you can apply it while you are watching tv etc.
  • Once a week remove and dead cuticle and surrounding skin
    This will give you a nice long healthy nail bed
  • Do not bite your nails!
    Remove any offending nail carefully with scissors and file smooth.
  • With your nail files, continue to file them in a smooth round shape for the first couple of weeks.
    This avoids breakage until they are long & strong enough to be filed into a style.

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