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MET Gala 2018 Round Up

8th May 2018.
by Alia Khan.

So ICYMI the MET Gala happened last night, and it’s been the talk of PDHQ. Celebs have GOT to be the most entertaining people on the planet. Head to our instastories to vote on your fave looks, but for now here’s a round up of our fave moments of the MET Gala 2018..

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse did some srsly cute couple posing – does this mean they’re officially an item now? Because if so, honestly we’re SO DOWN FOR IT. New fave couple alert!

Amal Clooney had us all fooled from the back, thinking she was in a ball gown, but BAM, she turns round and she’s wearing pants. We’re allllll about that androgynous style, home girl is killin’ it!

Mom and Dad (sorry, Ky and Travis) made an appearance in all black ensembles. Is it just us, or have they SRSLY stepped up their accessories game lately!? We’re obsessin’ over T’s harness and we can’t even DEAL with Ky’s shades.. bringing a whole new meaning to ‘blockin’ out the haters’

Can we talk about how Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin came as prom king and QWEEN!? Ugh so cute. We NEED to talk about their couple name.. Shawnley, Hawn!? We need to know, like now.

Anna Wintour AKA queen of the frown was S M I L I N G all night. So, you know, that’s something.

Yassss WE KNOW. Rihanna dressed as the literal pope. We know, on paper it sounds horrendous, but once we saw it we were SOLD. We’re starting to think that maybe there’s no look that babe CAN’T pull off. Also we’re converting rih-ligion. Yeah we DO have a sec to talk about our lord and saviour Robyn Fenty.

Zendaya paid tribute to one of history’s baddest babes Joan of Arc and we are SO here for it.

Solange carried water in her custom made Swarovski net bag, but it got us thinking.. we did NEED a chic new way to carry our wine to events. Thanks, S!

Last year he brought his own hair. This year? Jaden Smith brought a gold certification plaque for his own single. Honestly though? You do you, boo. You saw the chance for a self promo and we can’t even blame you for taking it. King of unique accessories for the second year running.