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8 Times Miley Cyrus won us over

23rd November 2016.
by Alia Khan.

Miley Cyrus the Disney star turned wild child turns the youthful age of 24 today! She’s a child starlet and has completely brushed off any innocent Disney girl past and grown up to be an independent sassy gal, who strongly fights for animal rights and is the veganist vegan ever. She has voiced her opinions and concerns in the recent American Election and after some disappointment launched her #hopefulhippies campaign. She might wear some outrageous clothes and dance like crazy, but this gal knows what she’s talking about.

Happy Bae-day Miley Cyrus!

Growing up

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

The Hannah to Miley transition is one of the biggest style overhauls we’ve ever set eyes on. She was the innocent blonde girl who lived a double life switching from one of the biggest pop stars to a ‘normal girl’, who grew up to be one of the most talked about pop stars for her outrageous dance moves and barely there outfits.

Miley and Robyn Thicke

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Back in 2013, these two got everyone talking with their Blurred Lines performance. You know, the one with that spandex nude bikini and foam finger. Could this have been done any other way? We don’t think so.

Animal Lovin’

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Can we all just take a sec to appreciate how much this beagle suits a bindi? Prepare yourself for some of the sassiest dog dressing on the street off the back of this.

Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Following that performance, MTV asked our girl Miley to host the show in 2015 and she completely rocked it. The whole show as just as crazy as her Insta, with loads of shocking outfits and her surprise performance and album release.

Vegan fo’ Life

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Miley’s Insta is a weird and wonderful place, filled with some hysterical photoshopped memes, all her best yoga poses and, every now and again, she drops in a glimpse of her healthy vegan lifestyle. You go girl!

Couple Goals

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Back in 2009 Miley and Liam Hemsworth were the hottest new couple to the showbiz scene. This pic at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2012 is real life goals. We mean her hair and dress is just divine, but that pose on the red carpet could not be more perf’.


Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

Making sure she starts her day full of positivity, it’s no secret Miley Cyrus loves to spend time on her yoga skills. We’ve seen her doing moves from headstands to turning herself into a human pretzel. Maybe it’s time to start teaching some classes!

Star Quality

Miley Cyrus Birthday | Public Desire Blog

As the most recent addition to The Voice US judging panel, it’s no secret Miley has been killing it this year. She’s given out some bang on advice, and always stuck to her opinions. Strong independent women is exactly what we’re all about!

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