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New York Fashion Week: Part 2

31st January 2019.
by Leah Stone.

A Touch of Luxe

New York Fashion Week: Part 2, AM : Jacks Wife Freida & Vanity Projects

In this post for New York Fashion Week: Part 2 A Touch of Luxe, we look at things to do between the shows for mid-range budgets.

Firstly to fuel up for the long day, grab a quick brunch at hipster cool and celeb fave, Jacks Wife Freda.

Most importantly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and authentic yet modern New York feel.

Hot NY Brunch Spot Jacks Wife Freda

After that, head straight to Vanity Projects, where their incredible nail artists can paint literally ANYTHING onto your nails.

Priceless worx of art.

Seriously, we are talking master works of art here! For instance, Picasso, Gustav Klimt and Robert Lichtenstein to name just a few.

However, we recommend going for something typically boujee.

In other words, try Ariana’s latest song lyrics for size or some super on trend snakeskin to kill in the style stakes.

New York Fashion Week: Part 2 , Lunchtime : Coming Soon NY

Mid-range hunny’s who like a hip mix of high and low culture in their lives tend to search out goodies that are luxe-yet-affordable.

So we suggest a detour in the afternoon to ‘Coming Soon NY‘.

Owners of shop Coming Soon NY Throw a disco ball to each other
Coming Soon NY loves glam gals who know how to bring the fun!

To sum up, their eclectic selection of to die for furniture and cute gifts makes it the perf place for picking up stylish, unique souvenirs.

Above all, an amazing way to remember your wild fashion adventure!

Coming Soon NY Store Interior and Polaroid of incense holder
Selection of gifts available at Coming Soon NY
Nommy trinkets, hand luggage size, we LOVE!

New York Fashion Week: Part 2 , PM: PUBLIC

Then after a long day with lady Liberty 🗽, get settled in at the most reasonable yet stylish concept hotel on the block, PUBLIC.

Cosy Capsule bedroom? Yes please!
Minimalistic bathrooms are THE thing RN!

A super stylish yet cosy hotel designed by
Ian Schrager, the man behind the infamous Studio 54.

In other words, playground to the rich and famous, including everyone from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones.

Subsequently, it set the pulse for the era and is still a hot fashion trend to this day!

As a result, Public has with everything you could possibly need right on site…

Stunning outdoor areas away from the hustle and bustle? Check!
And the list goes on…

In truth, the inspiration for this modern marvel was the belief that the future of design is more inclusive.

In conclusion, his aim is to make art, design and luxe living accessible for everyone. A brilliant & boujee philosophy!!!

Budget Bae

Everyone knows ‘Baes on a Budget’ are super savvy and ready to search out bargains at any opportunity.

In this section we look at thrifty yet fun ideas that are great for gals thirsty for a deal!

New York Fashion Week: Part 2 , AM : Supermoon Bakehouse or Sprinkles Cupcakes

Firstly, for morning carb loading (Just before picking out the most poppin’ outfits outside Alexander Wang.) head to Supermoon Bakehouse.

Alexander Wang @ NYFW
Image Credit:

A holographic haunt that sells gourmet goodies including Croissant Butter Soft Serve in a colour change cup!

And don’t forget to check out their “OFF-WHITE” inspired merch. 😍

Table with Supermoon Bakehouse croissants, iced coffee and holographic packaging
Stay Wild, Moon Child
Pink terrazzo counter at Supermoon Bakehouse
All about the pink terazzo babe.
Instagram post of the "BAKER" merch
“OFF-WHITE” inspired merch? Yaaaaasss qween!

Or, depending on your lo-cal try Sprinkles cupcakes featuring its own 24 hour cupcake atm. We are told these gourmet babies are to die for!


New York Fashion Week, Lunchtime : Coming Soon NY

After that, swing by The Guggenheim and check out the modern art exhibits and see where the designers get original inspo for their collections.

But for those a little ‘allergic’ to galleries and museums, test the water with a quick trip to the beautifully hand painted GUCCI memorial wall.

Updated on the reg, this stunning mural will look great on your Gram guaranteed!


New York Fashion Week: Part 2 PM: See the Sights

Brooklyn Bridge
Image Credit: iDesign Gallery

Finally, Gurl! You’re in New York for F’s sake, get out and see that city!

Hop on the nearest bus, Subway or Ferry for next to nothing and see as much as possible of one of the most incredible cities in the world.

As a result of its fascinating history, the city is filled with incredible architecture.

In particular, Bushwick in Brooklyn as well as Harlem in the Bronx and
the Upper East Side on Manhattan Island.

Map of New York State
Image Credit:

Above all, every borough in the Big Apple has its own unique characteristics, people, food and culture, so hun, make sure you take a bite! 🍎😘

Most Importantly you are gonna need some killer looks for your trip, so take a detour to new-in to check out our hottest new drops!