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Oh, Hell No. What You’ve Defs Gotta Avoid Come Party Season

15th November 2016.
by Sarah.

We all know that with party season comes party invites, but once you’ve RSVP’d these are the rules you’ve gotta follow to make sure you avoid any party faux pas – all as experienced by the girls at PDHQ.

Party Faux Pas: And How to Avoid Them

Worst group email ever: “what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done at a party?”. But that’s exactly what we asked our PD Baes, and they bared all…

Party Faux Pas | Public Desire Blog

Name Blank

So, you’ve been chatting to your bae-to-be for a solid fifteen minutes now, when your BFF comes back from the kitchen and asks who’s the new kid on the block. Problem is, you have literally no idea.

If you can, try and associate their name when they tell you with a thing. Like, Bobbie in the blue shirt, or Becky with the good hair. But if you’ve literally got no idea, then all’s not lost. Simply just shrug it off with a basic “this is my new BF”, wink, and take another drink.

White Shirt, Red Drink

Every. Single. Time. We wish we could keep things together, but there’s just something about a flames outfit attracting the most obvious spillages. Dream bell sleeve shirt, it’s not quite RIP just yet.

Whatever you do, don’t soak yourself in the toilets, cos the sheer side look ain’t good on anyone. You’re just gonna have to ride this one out until you’re out of your taxi at home. Get straight to the washing up liquid and scrub it without diluting, then wash off with cold water and bung it in the wash, ready to forget about until next time.

This Round’s on Me

It’s still two weeks until payday, but you’re ballin’ so offer to get the next one, contactless card put down before anyone can (pretend to) stop you. Wake up the next morning, and your pending transactions tell you a story as sad as your headache.

If you’re anything like us, this is the sort of behaviour all your friends are capable of. Don’t worry too much, the balance will equal out soon.

All By Myself

Last time we checked, we were with the squad and the baes were lookin’ fire. Suddenly, you’re just Beyonce with no other members of Destiny’s Child. Somehow, squad goals have become a long lost memory…

Of course, take yourself to the mothership: the girl’s toilets. Find some likeminded baes with great taste in lipstick, and you’ll be sound until you bump into everyone else outside.

Toilet Friend

Then again, this might not be plain sailing. So you and Jennie hit it off as you’re both twinning in Velvet Teddy, but suddenly she’s taking you to the bar to get you to buy the next round and you’re pretty sure you’re BFFT (Best Friends For Tonight). She ain’t plannin’ on giving up any time soon, so what’s a girl to do?

Give her the benefit of the doubt. We’re sure she’s in the exact same situation as you, so she’ll be off in ten mins anyway. If she’s a bit more persistent, just head straight back where you started, and get her chatting to someone new over the taps.


Make Like an Uber and Split The Fare

If you’ve got enough phone battery left to book an Uber at the end of the night, you know things are going well. However, that £25 fare ain’t gonna pay itself, so it’s time to split it. However, your BFF’s too busy snapchatting bae to think about checking her texts and you’ve been landed with the whole fare.

Strawberries and cream, sea and sand, night out and… brunch? The morning after the night before, it’s time to carb up and bae can pay the bill.

Ain’t No Filter to Fix This

Snapchat. We’re pretty sure life was 100 x better before this black hole of existence existed, but someone it’s the app we automatically open as soon as we’re in the club. Memory a little hazy, but wake up to loads of sent videos that aren’t in your Memories? Trust us, we’ve been there.

If stealing the recipient’s phone and removing all evidence isn’t an option, this is one you’re just gonna have to ride out. Everyone’s been there, and if you’re lucky they’ll have been out too and won’t even remember opening them.

Used to Call Me on Your Cell Phone

… until you dropped it down the stairs and the screen smashed, or it ended up in the sink as you try to make a call and wash your hands simultaneously. As far as party faux pas go, this one’s been committed by pretty much everyone.

Until the insurance claim kicks in, make sure you’ve got a £20 Tesco special phone knocking about somewhere, and do that cringey Facebook status telling people to contact you on here until further notice.

Play Chicken

You’re there, you’re ready, and the chicken shop lights are calling your name (and your stomach). But the vendor’s only got bad news: no nuggets for you. Cheesy chips won’t do, and your friends have banned you from kebabs after that time.

The simplest solution? DIY it. Make sure there’s no chance of falling asleep and head home via a 24h supermarket.

Guilty as Charged

Getting to the front of the queue at Guilty, acting cocky then being told to leave.

Can’t help with this one, baes, see you in Terrace.

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What are your most embarrassing party faux pas? Let us know @PUBLICDESIRE

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