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Party Season : What to Eat when you’re Hungover

7th December 2017.
by Camly.

Party Season has arrived bae, and we’re doing all the hard work so you don’t have to. From what shoes to wear when, to where to go out with the gals we’ve got you covered.

Has that girly night in gone to your head and you need some R&R to get over it, or did you have one too many mulled wines at the market. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it gal, the best of us have been there. Give this a read and you’re going to know exactly what to do to get through the day like the prinny you are.

The Initial Wake

So you’ve woken up and you’re feeling a little bit ropey, but it’s irreversible. There’s nothing you can do to go back and change it, so what you can do it g about your day like normal but by eating all the foods that are going to sort you right out. Stick with us and you’re going to be hot to trot.

Go Against Traditions

Stop right where you are and don’t go reaching for your phone to get a Deliveroo in, greasy heavy food is the last thing your body needs right now. You need fresh healthy food to survive this one, but even then that all depends on your symptoms. So first analyse exactly what it is you’re going through, and together we can go from there.We’re by no means talking miracle cures here, but we are talking about finding you something to stop any potential throwing up and to start to get you to feel better about life.


The ‘I need H2O ASAP’ gal

Your skin is as dry as sandpaper, and you can’t even speak you need a glass of water so bad. Your body is gasping for water, and you literally feel like a walking desert.  I mean no question about it, you need a bottle of water to get through life, but make sure you get some healthy extras in there too. Blend yourself up a green smoothie and get some water back into that body of yours.

The ‘I’m not even hungover’ gal

You’re feeling a little off, but you’re still going to be able to get through the day ahead. You’re a feeling thirsty but it’s nothing a bottle of water won’t be able to fix. Take it slow and sip though, flooding yourself with water will only leave you feeling unsettled and nauseous. Go about your day as normal but 100% make sure you keep that water with you for the day.

The ‘is the room still spinning?’ gal

Your entire body is still moving like it was 5 hours ago on the dance floor, but only this time it’s not in a good way. You’re struggling to get your balance and theres a 99% chance you’re going to need to get to the bathroom ASAP. The best way to get through this one is plain dry food and sips of a fizzy drink. So get yourself some nice toast or some plain crisp and sip a glass of Lemo and keep it chilled.

The ‘My head is pounding’ gal

Have you been sleeping next to the speaker all night or have you just taken it that one step too far? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Keep away from the crisp and anything crunchy in general. You need softer foods to get you through, but still nutritional. Maybe try some nice soup and bread or maybe even a boiled egg to keep you going. As always don’t leave that bottle of water behind because you’re going to need it bae.


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