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PDHQ Staff Stylin’

20th June 2016.
by Sarah.

We all know PD’s pretty sassy, but it’s the gals behind the brand who make sure that we’re always one – well-heeled – step ahead. And, you know what makes Public Desire jobs better than all the others? Staff discount. We’ve asked the PDHQ baes to share their work style.

Public Desire Jobs and Staff Style

When part of your job description is “check new-in on the daily”, it’s hardly surprising that half of your shoe-drobe ends up being’ PD. Each of the PD staffers has a very distinct style, so which gal would you be swappin’ shoes with if you got the chance?

Public Desire jobs

Star – Blogger Outreach Intern


Star is our resident chick for a lil bit of nineties revival. We’re talking bright prints, oversized shirts a hella load of colour. Want a lil bit of Star’s style? She makes her own clothes and sells them on Depop, so hit up Starknaked Streetwear.

Star wears Chloe.

Public Desire jobs

Robyn – Blogger Outreach and Marketing Executive


Basically, if Robyn could live at Glasto, she’d be off before you could say “wristband”. This gal is all about festi-fashion and loves pairing boho threads with casj shoes. And, if she can add face glitter she’ll go all out. Why not, after all?

Robyn wears Iyla.

Public Desire jobs

Rebecca – Social Media Executive


When she’s not hashtaggin’ up a storm on twitter, our Social gal Rebecca is taking her pick of new in. With quite a classic style, she loves pickin’ shoes that are vintage in style, but still have plenty of 2k16 sass.

Rebecca wears Katie.

Public Desire jobs

Chloe – Buyer


When your gal Chloe knows what’s gonna be droppin’ six months in advance, you know she’s gonna be well ahead of the curve. We all owe Chloe a thanks or five hundred, cos she’s single-handedly made our shoe-drobes a whole load sassier.

Chloe wears Janine.

Public Desire jobs

Emma – Social Media Content Executive


She’s the gal behind instagram, so Emma’s constantly seein’ what you PD baes are wearing and getting inspo all day errday. She rocks casj cool like no other.

Emma wears Sandy.

Public Desire jobs

Caroline – Junior Graphic Designer


Caz always makes her layering look luxe, so it’s no surprise we look to her for serious style inspo. She loves her lace ups and ankle boots, and always looks effortless, whatever the ootd.

Caroline wears Allie.

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