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Q + Slay : Get to know @DesthyDee

28th September 2017.
by Alia Khan.

We’ve got a new obsession and it’s this gal @desthydee. She’s one of the sassiest bloggers on the scene and we just can’t get enough of her style. Not only is she a long time PDbae, she slays the game every time. Forever on fleek from her contour to her clothes – time to get insta stalking bae because we know you’ll love her just as much as us!


1) How would you describe yourself in three words?

3 words, haha.. Never Stop Dancing. Call me Dancing Dee!

2) Instagram or Snapchat?

Definitely instagram.

Get the Look : Lucid Frill Strap Barely There Heels

3) What inspires your daily style?

Music and culture, I like experimenting with different colours. I’ve recently styled a Dashiki & wrap over the shoulder shirt from Ghana, I’m loving vibrant colours especially yellow at the moment. I like keeping up with the fashion trend but adding my own twist to each outfit. Keep it fun, unique & just be you!

4) Heels or Flats?

Flats, but I do own more heels than flats haha!

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5) We love how you’re all for girl power! Do you have a particular idol you look up to?

Yass girl power all the way! Yes I loveee Oprah & Ellen Degeneres, i look up to these queens a lot for motivation. For style I look up to Riri, Kim K, Karrueche, Aaliyah & Monica Rose.

6) Leather or Denim?


Get the Look : Ari Raw Ripped Denim Over The Knee Boots

7) Biggest fashion fail?

I actually have a story! Sooo I had this nude bodysuit & I thought I was I looked so fly in it, I wore it with a nude bomber jacket right & I was walking around the mall wearing it until this group of people walking past me and asked me why am I walking around naked with just a jacket over me LOL. I guess the nude bodysuit was too nudey & they thought I walked out of my house commando wearing nothing but a jacket haha.

8) What do you think makes a #PDBae?

PDbae is someone who’s confident, fun, have a lot of self love & empower other females & queens, not afraid to take risks & be unique with her style.


Get Insta Stalking : @desthydee

9) Do you have a wardrobe essential?

Definitely jackets & coats. Gosh I have way too many, sometimes I will get the same jacket in different colours because I love it so much. It’s such a huge statement & really frames your outfit. My favourite jacket would be aviator jackets & I love waterfall dusters too.

10) Any PD styles you’ve been loving recently? 

Yes, I am obsesseddd with my Lucid frill strap heels in yellow faux suede, I’ve recently styled them on my Instagram with a matching yellow crop frill top, so summery & makes me feel like I’m in Wild Thoughts video when I wear it haha!


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