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Social Media Day: Our Fave People to Follow

30th June 2016.
by Sarah.

It goes as no surprise that the gals at PDHQ like to spend a lil time on Social. So, to celebrate Social Media Day, we’ve picked our top baes on Social to share the love. Get ready to double tap.

Happy Social Media Day

Whether you’re more into Snapchat than Insta, we’ve been through ’em all and made sure that we’ve found the best baes on the internet to add a lil somethin’ somethin’ to your morning scroll on the commute.


Okay, we’ll admit it, we’re obsessed with Refinery29. When it fiiiinally launched in the UK, we were converted straight away. Their insta is the perf mix of beauty tutorials, illustrations and cute quotes that give us a mini pep talk when there’s traffic on the M60.

Social Media Day


As if we really needed to give this bae a shout out. Rosie HW is a long time girl crush at PDHQ, and a daily dose of stalking research is 100% necessary.

Social Media Day


Ultimate #PDbae Sarah Ashcroft has gotta have a mention. Obvs her Instagram is perf, but we love tapping through her Snapchat to see what cocktail’s comin’ next. Anyone for a margarita?

Social Media Day


We may be Manchester based, but we’re willing to let the rivalry slide this one time on Social Media Day. Scouse Ma cracks us up with her daily observations of what we gals have to deal with on the daily.

Social Media Day


Another #PDbae you know we love – did you read our interview? – Suki is the chicest pug in any city, and we can’t even deal with the cuteness. Staaaaahp.

Social Media Day


We’ve all been there. 57 missed calls and 293 unread whatsapps later, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones going through this turmoil.

Social Media Day


We’re not sure if we prefer the food pics or the selfies more, but Joe Wicks’s Insta is the perf place to get a lil inspo (and heart eye emoji galore). His Snapchat is full of midget trees too. If you know, you know.

Social Media Day


Definitely swipe left. These are where all the accidental swipe rights have come to show themselves.

Social Media Day


Our main bae, DJ Khaled had to make the cut. We pulled together all our fave DJ Khaled snapchat screenshots so you don’t have to. Bookmark for later.

Social Media Day


We love cake. We love Drake. Mix the two together (pun intended) and you’ve got yourself an A+ insta. Warning: don’t add them pre-lunch.

Social Media Day


With balayage we can’t. get. enough. of., Elle Ferguson is fash girl goals, and cute to boot.

Social Media Day


Read it in a Glaswegian accent, you won’t regret it. Our fave tweet of his was “shame ye cannae contour yer horrible personality”. brb, cryin’.

Social Media Day


Another Scot on our love list is Amy Bell. This beaut cracks us up with her lil captions, and we just wanna be pals and have a slice of that cake.

Social Media Day


Of course, Suki’s always gonna have a place in our heart, but we reckon there’s plenty of room for another canine pal. Marnie, join the squad.

Social Media Day


You know when bae is goals? Well, we’ve got another killa account for you to love.

Social Media Day


So much sarcasm, so little much time. Let’s just take a minute for the daily scroll.

Social Media Day

 But you know the best Social account? Ours. 😏 Tweet us @PUBLICDESIRE

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