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GUEST FEATURE : Sock it Up and Style it Out.

17th October 2017.
by Camly.

Our guest blogger bae is back this week and she’s here to give you the 411 on how to style your sock boots this A/W. If you’re as obsessed with sock boots as we are then keep scrolling gals, because Alexandra has all the tips you would ever need. Thanks bbygrl!

As you may know here at Public Desire we are in love with sock boots and we know you are too- they are comfortable, sexy and sleek. So to feed your inner shoe demons we have vamped up the Sock Boot to match any occasion and are giving you the lowdown on how to style them- no need to thank us its our pleasure! 

Denim Dreams

First up in today’s style list is the Devon Sock fit in denim. In 2001 Britney and Justin served us the iconic red carpet double denim ensemble- it was tragic. Gone are the days when double denim had us grimacing and averting our eyes, now it’s a movement and you can be part of it! Style these contrasting wooden heels with a clashing oversized denim jacket and a black slip dress or go all the way with a pair of high waisted, cropped, light washed denim jeans. If double denim’s not your vibe, a knitted jumper dress is the one to get you through those colder days. 

Get The Look : Devon Sock Fit Stretch Ankle Boot


Clash with Sass

Colour clashing is a risky business but with a huge pay out. Here at PD HQ we have made it easy for you. These attention seeking shoes come in five distinct colour combinations but today we are styling the red and blue combo because they are giving us serious Wonder Woman vibes. Not only are they a clash in colours but in textures too with a patent heel. Let these heels hog the attention with a black jumper dress or if you’re feeling brave contrast the heels with some vintage denim. 

Get The Look : Staple Pointy Contrast Sock Boots

Block it Out

The last pair of heels in today’s style feature is the Direct Pointy Sock Boots in purple. Not only does the stiletto heel elongate the legs but the vibrant colour is bound to brighten up the colder days. Tone back these pointed heels with a black leather skirt and white t-shirt or brave more colour clash and swap the white t-shirt for a bright pink body suit and matching hoop earrings. 

Get the Look : Direct Pointy Sock Boots


So there you have it, the lowdown on the Sock Boot craze. Let us know how you’re working this trend and comment below or tag us in your colourful outfit combos. 


-Alexandra Reed


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