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Steven Spencer: Meet the Stylist Behind our Winter Campaign, All Layer Player

4th November 2016.
by Sarah.

It’s time to start hotting up your winter. Of course, our All Layer Player winter campaign is flames, and the stylin’ slays. We managed to grab Stylist Steven Spencer between outfit changes to find out errthing you need to know about making a killer winter wardrobe.

Steven Spencer: Meet the Stylist

He’s slayed the styling game the world over, so we were stoked to hear we’d managed to book Steven Spencer to style our winter campaign. We chatted to him about how he got into the industry, his fave PD pairs and got an excuse to insta stalk his Dachshunds…

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

We’re got to start from the beginning, when did you start to think that styling was the career for you?
I completely fell into styling by accident.

The best kind of accident, right? But you must’ve got there somehow. Did you start with a fashion focused uni course?
I went to uni to study Fashion Design and Technology and did various internships in design and pattern cutting along the way. Once I finished I had a few collections in boutiques around the country and dressed a few celebs for red carpet events. After that, I was approached to style a few celebs and was then approached by magazines and photographers about shoots. Everything else has kind of just fell into place and happened organically.

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

Sounds like a sick way to make it into your dream job! Obvs your job isn’t the normal 9-5, what’s a normal shoot day like for you? 
Shoot days in terms of styling and jobs are always different but generally start very early. You very rarely get a call time later than 9am and a standard working day is ten hours but I can quite often be working a 16-18 hour day.
Catering is always provided, which is nice! And you get to work with some cool people. I love it because it’s so unpredictable and can be quite high pressure, but that’s something I thrive on.

We bet that stress levels can be through the roof, so do you have to prep much in advance to make sure it all runs smoothly?
Prep is where the majority of the work is done in styling. Briefs vary so much and so do the size of jobs. You can be shooting a fashion campaign one minute with a single model and five outfits, or be shooting a commercial campaign with 100 cast members where you need a team of assistants. Making sure you’re prepared and have options is crucial.

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

When you’re prepping for your shoots, where do you like sourcing clothes from most?
Again, it depends on the job and the brief. There are very few places I haven’t shopped. We search everywhere for the best pieces for the job, we even get pieces made if we need to.

We bet you’d be the best person to go shopping with! Since you set up Steven Spencer Styling, what’s been your most memorable work moment?
I’ve got some amazing memories but the most memorable is having some stairs collapse on me and mucking my foot up! Working on crutches is not fun! Especially in the rain.

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

Defs not your average workplace injury..! So, although you’ve got what loads of people would call the “dream job”, it can’t all be perf’ 24/7. What’s the worst part of the job?
Missing things! Friends birthdays, family weddings, nights out, even holidays. We work pretty unsociable hours and jobs can be intense and very last minute.

As long as you get some time off to make up for it! What do you do with your chill time?
If I have time off I catch up with friends, drink too much, walk my dogs and chill. If I have work the next day, I sort my kit and watch some TV.

Gotta keep up with Netflix. Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever styled?
Models are my ultimate favourites to shoot. You can’t beat a cool model and I’ve shot loads of those.

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

And if you could, who’d be the dream person to style?
I’d love to do a tour with a new artist.

That would be fire! What’s been the best location you’ve shot in so far?
A speed boat in Monaco with Puma.

And obvs our shoot was your fave ever, but what was the best look from the PD shoot?
The puffa jackets!

Steven Spencer Stylist | Public Desire Blog

We’re obsessed! But if there’s one trend you’ve gotta style right now?

Yaaaaas! Any sneak peeks of what’s coming up on your schedule we need to know about?
There’s so much coming up but I’m excited about another shoot with you guys that’s gonna be 👌🏼

Keep it locked, baes, there’s plenty more steezy stylin’ from Steven Spencer where that came from…

You can follow Steven on Social @northernstylist

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