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The Love Island Dictionary!

7th January 2020.
by Lauren Russell.

With the new series nearly upon us…and everyone’s already picking their favorites we thought lets throw it back to last year! Why not catch up on all the lingo just in time for the new series…and before we lose all our evenings! Give yourself a refresh with The Love Island Dictionary!

Well c’mon…winter needs to do one… And what better way of getting back to summer vibes than…I’VE GOT A TEXT!

“It is what it is”

Origin- Sherif .

Definition- Used to explain that something is literally what it is.


Origin- Lucie

Definition- used to describe a hot guy, your bev e.c.t. also known as a term for a drink. “want a bev?”


Origin- Newcastle

Definition- The act of being dumped/ ditched


Origin- The love island villa

Definition- an idiot! Especially an idiot that’s acting soft and pathetic over a girl!

“mugged off”

Origin- students everywhere!

Definition- to be decieved or disrespected. See also played!


Origin- Eyal

Definition- a certain feeling person or people give you

“Factor 50”

Origin- Pharmacies

Definition- To graft waaaaaay too hard!


Origin- Georgia steele

Definition- Something to say 99 times to prove you would never hurt them. Even when you have done something to hurt them


Origin- unknown

Definition- To work really really hard to get someone to like you!


Origin- unknown

Definition- a way of telling someone you think they’re hot, in a deep and meaningful way.

“The do-Bits Society”

Origin- Wes

Definition- The members only club for islanders that have successfully had sexual contact.

“My heads been turned”

Origin- Science

Definition- To admit you fancy someone else

“Putting all of your eggs into one basket”

Origin- A Farm

Definition- To concentrate all of your time onto one person

“stick it on him/her”

Origin- The Villa

Definition- To Flirt with someone

“where’s your head at”

Origin- All the islanders

Definition- A way of finding out how someone feels about you.

“Crack on”

Origin- Unknown

Definition- The art of developing a romantic relationship

“A Sort”

Origin- Essex probably

Definition- A term used to describe someone that a person finds physically attractive


Origin- The men of the villa

Definition- A large group of men greeting a woman/women they’ve never met


Origin- Unknown

Definition- To behave in-favorably to someone.

“I’ve got a text”

Origin- Probably Apple

Definition- To receive a text message on your mobile telephone.

“Girl code”

Origin- Womankind in female toilets on nights out

Definition- A special female code that should never be broken, not even for a buff fella!!


Origin- Wales

Definition- To have a cuddle


Origin- Eyal

Definition- To behave irrationally!

Whats your favorite phrase from The Love Island Dictionary!? How many of these pharases have you ever heard in real life? And more importantly who CAN’T WAIT for the new series and new lingo!!

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