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Things To Do in Isolation

24th March 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

The thought of three weeks stuck at home can be a pretty daunting one and it’s totally normal to feel worried or anxious at the moment. Just remember that the whole world is in this together and we will get through it. One of the best things you can do for your mental health and happiness over the next few weeks is keep your mind distracted, keep in touch with friends and family and switch off social media for a bit, especially if you feel that it’s causing you more problems. Looking for some new things to do in isolation? We’ve put together a list of what’s keeping us distracted at the moment.

Netflix Party

Let’s face it, most of us are going to get through A LOT of Netflix over the next few weeks. But if you’re missing movie nights with bae or the girls, Netflix have dropped Netflix Party, a new way to stream your fave films and TV shows with friends online. Playback is synchronised and you can even live chat during the film. Perfect for that social distancing.

Bongo’s Bingo Live

Everyone’s favourite Bingo night have officially started live streaming on Twitch! After two hugely successful nights, they’ve decided to do another show (tonight, March 24th at 8pm). All you need is a UK phone number, pen and paper. It’s filled with the usual jokes, dancing, music and even some additional quizzes, a great way to pass a couple of hours in the evening and maybe even win some prizes!


Looking for more things to do in isolation that help you connect with friends? Houseparty is an app that combines FaceTime with quizzes and other games that you can play with online. Hone your drawing skills with some Pictionary and guess what your friends are drawing or play a family holiday classic, Heads Up. Available to download on the App store.


Disney have FINALLY dropped their streaming site so you can watch absolutely everything Disney all in one place. That includes everything Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and of course, Disney classics like your childhood favourites. They’re even going to be dropping new original content, did someone say High School Musical series!? We’re sold.

The Sims

If words like motherlode and rosebud bring back childhood memories, then you were definitely a Sims kid. Good news is you can download Sims 4 straight to your laptop or computer with no need to wait for delivery. Were you a put your sim in the pool and remove the ladder kind of person? Or a spend 4 hours designing the house kind of person? Let us know!

Got any more ideas on things to do in isolation? How are you keeping busy? Remember gals, we’re all in this together. The sun will rise and we will try again.

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