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19th March 2020.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

It’s a time of real uncertainty and nobody actually knowing what is the ‘right’ thing to do ATM.

If you’ve recently began working from home we know it’s initially a bit of the shock to the system – routine out the window, speaking to your team from your bed (most probably), trying your best to not log into Netflix!

This in mind we wanted to share all our top tips of how to work from home whilst actually getting sh*t done!

Desk Set-Up

We would never come to work and not have a set-up that’s not right for us, we spend so much time at our desks after all. But working from home initially we aren’t too sure where to place ourselves.

It’s super easy to stay in PJ’s and think our cosy looking beds might be the best place to settle for the day (save on heating bills too), but if this is a long term thing it’s probably best to set up a section of your room that can suit as an office ATM.

Clear off a space, maybe by a window for some natural day light.

Pile up your work notebooks, set aside a place for your laptop and maybe something decorative to keep you inspired through the day.

Pinterest is always a great place for inspo if you’re a little unsure!


The commute is out the window (great news for that extra time in bed) but keeping your routine will become vital when all the days start merging into one..

Get up & get dressed! Loungewear with dressing gowns over the top does still count as up and dressed (in our eyes at least).

Take regular breaks! Ensure to take time away from the screen.

WATER.. like we even need to say more. Keep hydrated huns!

Stick to your regular lunch time, maybe eat outside if possible for a breath of fresh air. Do you have time for a quick walk?

Make sure to end on time! This is a big one, the commute home is no longer on the cards but ensure you log off when it’s time.

Background Noise

This is going to be a tough one to hear but having Netflix on in the background never works!

Swap your fave shows and films to the radio or some music to keep you focused! Podcasts could also be amazing whilst working from home too!


Staying at home all day can have a knock on effect to you keeping yourself to yourself. Ensure you take time to catch up with family, friends, colleagues.. anybody who would like a catch up before sure to do so!

After Working Hours

It will seem strange after having the whole day at home to have a normal evening but now is the PERFECT time to watch the Netflix programme you’ve had on hold all day. Pop on a face mask, put your feet up & make the most of this time! You deserve it babe (plus your alarm will go off tomorrow, so you need to be feelin’ fresh and ready to do it all over again).

As with anything, there a pros and cons with working from home! Just keep doing you boo, you’ve got this.