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30th September 2014.
by Sarah.

For this week’s #TryItTuesday we have decided to revisit the iconic book ‘The Rules’.
For anyone who has been living under a rock ‘The Rules’ is a book –  or should I say bible, for any girl not only wanting to bag Mr Right, but keep him!

the rules

First published in 1995, The Rules breaks all boundaries and still to this day causes feminists to get their knickers in a twist.
Mainly due to having to forget everything that we have taught ourselves and worked for, yes ‘The Rules’ is a little drastic, but with 3 million copies sold in 27 different languages it is a classic.

Here are some of the classic rules:

  • Don’t talk to a guy first
  • Allow him to pay for the date
  • Never accept a weekend date after Wednesday
  • Don’t see a guy you are dating more than twice a week
  • Always end calls/ text conversations first
  • Remember to dress femininely

With these rules now seeming a tad out of date, the authors have released a new edition for the social media savvy girls of today;

  • Don’t initiate a conversation with a guy by text, Facebook or any other social media
  • Wait at least 4 hours before responding to his first text –and then 30 mins for every subsequent text
  • Don’t get drunk on dates! Only have one drink while out in his company
  • Dress femininely; accentuate your figure without looking provocative.

We get it… appear aloof, sexy, independent but still remember to have fun – the years in which you are dating are the best and looking back go so quickly.

Dating is about getting to know someone, have fun and be yourself!

Trust me, once you find  Mr Right he won’t care if you text him back after  60 seconds… or god forbid, have that second glass of wine!