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Refresh Your Shoe-drobe for Freshers – 20% UNiDAYS Student Discount for a Limited Time

22nd September 2016.
by Alia Khan.

Guess what?! It’s time to celebrate, and not just your new found freedom as you move away to Uni. PDHQ have your purses in mind. Although your student loan might have just hit your bank accounts, we’re going to help you stay away from that overdraft (for the moment) and still look phresh at freshers. We’ve upped your student steeze stake with 20% UNiDAYS Student Discount until the end of September.

Where to Spend Your UNiDAYS Student Discount

Public Desire Jumpers

PDBae jumpers from Clothes2Order.

Spend your student loan wisely, baes. After all, a 20% Public Desire student discount won’t be around for long. We’ve picked out the perf’ shoe-drobe for freshers, and you’ll still have some dollar left to buy the first round.

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Public Desire Student Discount

Cut Out Qween

Get The Look: Aliah Cut Out Stacked Heel Stretch Ankle Boots

You want to make sure you make a good impression on your first day, bae. Strolling around in these stacked heel boots is definitely going to make some heads turn. Yeezy vibes all over.

20% Public Desire Student Discount

Keep It Cleated

Get The Look: Aria Ankle Boots

If you were after something a bit more practical to stomp from lecture to lecture, the chunky soles of the Aria boots are going to be perfect. Plus, the slight platform heel’s gonna be dead handy when you need to reach the top shelf #shortpeopleprobs

Unidays Student Discount

See Through Freshers

Get The Look: Amarie Barely There Perspex Heels

First night out and you’re not quite sure what your new city vibes at the clubs? A safe bet is Amarie, with its on trend perspex heels and barely there khaki. You definitely won’t put a foot wrong.

20% Unidays Student Discount

Seminar Slidin’

Get The Look: Kendal Faux Fur Slider

You’ve partied all night, and now you need some time to netflix and chill that hangover away. Some furry sliders are going to be your +1 to your day after the night before pizza party.

20% Unidays Student Discount

Update Yo’ Basics

Get The Look: Laura Perspex Crushed Heel Ankle Boots

If you’re keeping it a little calmer but still want a statement heel, Laura’s crushed perspex heels give you all of the major style points. There’s no better time to invest in a reworked classic than when we’ve got double UNiDAYS student discount.

Public Desire Unidays Student Discount

Creep It Real

Get The Look: Niala Flatform Trainers

It’s mid-week and your feet are aching from all of the nights out you probably shouldn’t have been on. But bae’s got plans on a making that 9am lecture. Niala give you steeze that should help you, as long as you remember to take off last night’s makeup too…

Get 20% Public Desire Student discount for a limited time.

See how we’re stylin’ freshers: PHRESH START

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