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Virtual Quiz Ideas

28th April 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

Our new favourite isolation activity is officially virtual quizzes with the gals. It’s super simple, one person can write the whole quiz or everyone can get involved by each taking a round of your choice and coming up with 10 or so questions. But if you’re bored of the same old film and general knowledge questions, why not try some of our virtual quiz ideas to mix it up a bit. What you waiting for? Grab your gals, set a date and get planning that virtual quiz ‘fit.

Who Said What

You know those cringey statuses that pop up in your Facebook memories? Well it’s time to put them to use. Find some old statuses from all the friends involved in the chat and hide their name. Players have to guess who said what. You could also use old instagram captions or even photos.

Baby Photos

Get everyone playing the quiz to send in an only baby photo and use them as a picture round. Players just have to match the face to a name. Could also be used with photos of pets, bedrooms, fridges or WFH setups.

Say What You See

Use emojis or pictures to spell out a sentence or well known catchphrase. Players just have to say what they see.

Wrong Answers Only

Here you can ask a very simple question but the twist is players can only give the WRONG answer and funniest wins. A bit like Cards Against Humanity.

Scavenger Hunt

Name 3-5 random items that most people have lying around their home and watch as people scramble to collect them in the quickest possible time.

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