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Ways To Help During COVID-19

3rd May 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

If you feel a little lost with everything going on in the world and stuck as to how you can help, we’ve rounded up a few of the charitable things you can do, ways to help or places you can volunteer to make a little bit of difference in these weird times. And remember, you don’t have to be learning 12 new skills and be super productive just because the internet is saying that’s what you should be doing right now. Even if you only got out of bed today, that’s alright. We’re all trying our best to get through and we’re all in this together.


While some of us might not be in a position to donate, for those of us who are lucky enough to have a bit of spare cash right now, a few pounds here or there can make all the different for a lot of charities struggling right now. You can donate to NHS charities directly or through amazing people like Captain Tom Moore.

If you’re into running (or even if you’re not) why not join the 5k challenge? Run (or walk) 5k, tag 5 people and donate £5. Keeping the chain going means as many people as possible get involved and make a difference.

If you can’t donate money, have a look online to see if you have a local food bank that are struggling for donations right now. All it takes is some tins or dried pasta to make sure someone in need can eat.


If you’ve got some free time to spare then why not volunteer? You may have people in your area who are isolating and struggling to get to a shop or pharmacy. Collecting supplies for them would be a huge help and mean they don’t put themselves at risk by leaving home. Try leaving a message on a local Facebook page or use a website like Mutual Aid to find where your help might be most needed.

Volunteer as an NHS first responder. This could involve collecting supplies for a vulnerable person, collecting medicines, running people to and from hospital appointments or helping the NHS transport vital equipment.

Stay Home

And most importantly, stay home. We know it’s hard and we all miss our friends and family but the single most important thing we can do to stop the spread of the virus is to stay at home. Only go out when essential and as little as possible. Together we can and will help save lives.

Stay safe gals, we got this. Love PDHQ x