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What PDHQ Are Watching In Lockdown

1st May 2020.
by Megan Biggin.

Finished your current show and stuck for something new to watch? Here’s what our PDHQ babes have been watching in lockdown.

Meg, Graphic Designer – Ozark

“I’ve been loooving Ozark, I’ve watched all 3 seasons in a week. It’s a little like Breaking Bad so if you liked that you’ll love this. It follows a man who has to move his family to the Ozarks when a money laundering operation goes wrong. Loads of twists and pretty tense, plus loads of badass female characters which I’m totally here for.”

Steph, Marketing Manager – The Nest

“The Nest on BBC is a bit random but it’s really had me hooked, it’s about a young couple who struggle to conceive and the teenage girl who offers to be their surrogate. It’s a proper emotional thriller.”

Lauren, Social & Graphic Designer – Gangs of London

“I’ve been obsessed with this new series called Gangs of London, it’s lit. I love it cause it’s just so gripping and I especially love the actors in it, the way they’ve filmed it too, like the camera angles, they’ve really gone all out, like it’s really good.”

Sabrina, Social Media Exec – Normal People

“I loved the book Normal People and BBC have just dropped the whole series on iPlayer which I might have watched in just one day. It’s a coming of age love story following a boy and girl from two very different backgrounds from sixth form through to university and how their situations change. Plus, there’s some beautiful Irish accents.”

What are you watching in lockdown babe? Let us know! If you fancy treating yourself we’ve still got up to 75% off in our sale.