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25th April 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

You might of already spotted this mega babe over on the PD Insta, (lets face it, we regram her whenever we get that chance) but let us introduce you properly to Hodaya! Based in the US our girl Hodaya is the ultimate dream gal, able to pull off everythangggg from street wear, boho vibes to ultra glam. You name it, she can slay it!

So, let’s get to know a few more deets about this doll..

Could you give us a quick intro to yourself/what you do? 

My name is Hodaya Cohen, an influencer, creative director, editor, fashion stylist and makeup lover based in Los Angeles, California. I really found a true love for fashion design and I decided this was something that I wanted to follow and pursue. I fell in love with sharing everything that I love with others who have the same love for everything stylish and beautiful.

You have a dreamy Insta, how did it all start for you? 

Thank you! Wow this has been a crazy journey but I am so grateful to do what I love and get to share it with the world. I attended a fashion event out here in LA and took a photo of my outfit and shared it on my social media page. Not expecting for anything or would even think that this could happen, my photo was noticed by a big brand with millions of followers and they reposted me which brought so much traffic my way. From that point on I started working with many brands creating daily lifestyle images! 

If you were to explain your style in three words, what would they be? 

Fun, Creative & Edgy

You recently went to Coachella, if you were to style up a PD look for it, what would you choose?

Coachella was a dream!! If I were to style up an outfit from PD it would definitely be the PINK CROCHET LACE FLARED TROUSERS then WHITE COLD SHOULDER PLAYSUIT for day two!

Fave Instagram post you’ve ever shared? (A tough one, we know!)

Omg hahah probably the toughest question. But I would go with my Coachella post this year, it was definitely a fun day filled with lots of smiles, great memories and the cutest outfits!

Quick fire time!

Night out with the girls or cosy night in?

Night out with the girls!

Heels or Flats?

HEELS all day everyday

Brunch or Late Night Meal?


Sunny holiday relaxing near the pool or city break exploring?

Sunny holiday relaxing near the pool sounds more than perfect!

Fave trend of the season ATM (snake print, neon etc.)

Sports wear with high heels, Crop Top with baggy sweats & the fun neon looks! 

Want to see more of the Hodaya, be sure to check her out on Insta HERE! Along with Hodaya’s photographer too @dylanperlot!

Styled PD yourself recently? Be sure to tag us #PDBae