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5th November 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

This week we caught up with bae Kah-Lo, the main gal behind the summer banger’ RINSE & REPEAT, trust us you’ll know it!

Kah-Lo has fast become the highest streaming female Nigerian artist in the world, making her mark with her distinctive vocals, catchy hooks and luminous green hair.

Kah-Lo’s music has consistently been at the forefront of Gen Z consumer and online trends. This year her track Fake ID blew up on TikTok, with over 2 million original videos being created for the track on the viral app.

Her joint album with Riton included hit after recognisable hit: Rinse & Repeat, Fasta, Ginger… The whole album has racked up over 200 million Spotify streams. Recently she’s been working with the likes of Diplo, Davido and Idris Elba.

So now we know the deets, Q&A time..

Hi Kah Lo, so nice to meet you!

For our PDBae’s who might not know you yet, could you give us a quick intro to yourself and what you’re about? 

I’m basically a green juice you order when you want to feel healthy, giving you so much energy, but not making you completely wild out. I also taste good!

We heard you on Rinse & Repeat! Pretty sure that was on in the office non-stop this summer haha! Could you tell us how that all happened?

I DM’d a guy named Riton because he had fire beats on SoundCloud, and a few years later, we got into the studio and it was the first track we made because I tried to make a good enough hook that could repeat nicely.

We spotted you played live for BBC Radio 1 Live in LA with Pete Tong? So incredible! How did you find that experience?

That was my first proper performance – which wasn’t a coffee shop – as Kah-Lo, so it was pretty nerve racking. I kept sunglasses on the whole time!

Also, we spotted on YT you played Fasta live for Radio 1 Xtra too, do you enjoy playing live?

I love to play live! Especially to big crowds. Small crowds make me nervous.

For anyone reading this hoping to pursue a similar career to you, would you have any advice for them?

Everyone’s on their own journey. I’d just say be consistent, and the worst thing they can say is no.

You have such a killer LOOK! When pulling outfits, what do you tend to go for? 

I love bold pieces and lots of colour. I also love outfits I can move in. If it’s cute, there’s no point if I can’t move.

Do you have an ultimate fave fashion item or something super special you always wear?

My bracelets my mum gave me when I was around 7. She gave them to me again to wear for prom, and I haven’t taken them off since.

Speaking of fashion, from the PD site, would there be anything you’d pull to wear for a show?

Everything in the CHUNKY BOOTS section is bae!

You knew this one was coming, yesssss to your hair! We ADORE it. Do you have any hair tips our PDBae’s might not know of, any secrets to keeping your hair look so on fleek? 

Deep conditioner and good styling tools with ceramic/iron plates! I love parting my hair to the right a la Audrey Hepburn!

Your first ever solo single Exit Sign came out recently, we love it! How have you found it all? Do you have anything upcoming that our PDBaes can keep an eye out for? 

I’m so excited to see how well everyone is receiving it! I’m currently on tour in the US performing it, and it goes great every time!

Be sure to keep up with Kah Lo over on her INSTA!

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