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13th June 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza or even seen an Insta of pool parties there, you’ll probably already know this babe, lovely Laura!

Laura and her famous saxophone have the most incredible job of performing to thousands from Cafe Mambo to Ibiza Rocks on the regular. Trust us, Laura and her DJ husband Ben Santiago know how to have a good time! We caught up with Laura to see how this incredible career started for her..

How did you get into saxophone playing?

I grew up listening to jazz, so the saxophone was always a familiar sound in our house – and I loved it. I didn’t start learning to play the sax though until my late teens as I was busy studying piano and clarinet, whilst also focusing to get into art college.

How did it go on to performing at some of the biggest clubs in the world?

Completely by accident. After dropping out of art college I realized my heart was set on the saxophone so I took a year out and studied like crazy and finally got a place on the BA Jazz course at Leeds College of Music. It was in Leeds where circumstances lead me to take over a weekly residency in a bar jamming along to a DJ. It was something I’d never seen before, but I loved it! The DJ used to play quality old school funk, soul, house music which was a dream to jam to. From this gig I got offered another residency and from there it built up until I was picking up gigs all over the country. 

Do you have a fave place you have performed so far?

Ibiza – always. There is a certain energy here that is nowhere else in the world.

Any DREAM place you aspire to perform at?

I have too many dream places I aspire to perform in! haha!! The Tomorrowland main stage; a full live band set at Madison Square Gardens; Ronnie Scotts in London; Royal Albert Hall; Coachella; Glastonbury… I could go on!

Any tips for any of our followers wanting to follow a similar career path to you?

You firstly need to have passion for the music – you really need to LOVE what you do as there will be plenty of days where you question why you’re doing it, trust me! Throw in some perseverance, dedication and talent of course and being a musician will be the most rewarding career you could ever wish for.

Do you have a go-to outfit for performing?

I don’t really have a go to outfit as every gig can be different so I try to style accordingly to the event. However, if we are on a winter tour I will always have some leather look leggings in my suitcase – they go with anything!

How was the Ibiza Rocks opening? IT LOOKED INCREDIBLE! 

It was insane! The atmosphere was electric and the venue looked amazing. Ben and I are always nervous for a big event especially when we are the main headliners, so it completely touches us when so many people come to see us perform. It’s definitely one of my favourite ever gigs!

Any upcoming dates that we can look forward too? 

Yes, we have our Ibiza Rocks party every Monday in June, plus we have our new event Lacasa at the BH Hotel Mallorca every Friday in August which we’re very excited about. We also have a few Mambo parties in Ibiza dotted throughout the summer and some amazing festivals including Tomorrowland in Belgium.

You can check out more about Laura and her upcoming dates over on the Ibiza Rocks site here!

Remember to tag us if you’re wearing your sassy PD buys over in Ibiza this summer! #PDBae