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31st October 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

This month we caught up with Maddie.

We have swooned over her killer’ content many of times on the PD blog but we wanted to know a few more deets about this beaut babe.

For our PDBae’s that have seen your stunning images but may not know much about you yet, could you give us a quick intro please? 

I’m Maddie, I’m 23 and from Toronto, Canada. I’ve always wanted to work in/ have been passionate about the fashion industry. I share my outfits, street style, brands I love and lifestyle content on my IG. I also studied Fashion Business in college and my day job is in social/ e-commerce at a jewelry company. 

How would you explain your style? 

Hmmm that’s so hard because I feel like it’s dependent on my mood but my style is more on the edgy/ tomboy side. Even when I wear a piece that’s girly I’ll pair it with something like a chunky boot or over sized jacket. My style is also very 90s inspired, I hope the 90s trend never goes away! 

Is there a specific place you get your outfit inspo from? (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram, Other influencers, celebs etc.)

There’s so many places I get inspo for but my #1 style inspo has always been Hailey Bieber – she has the ultimate cool girl style in my opinion. My fave influencers are @sofiamcoelho and @emmaleger I definitely get a lot of inspo and find new pieces and brands from them too! 

When it comes to shooting, do you plan your locations or just see what you’re feelin’ on the day?

I usually plan it out to an extent. Some days I know the exact location where I’m going to shoot and then other days I’ll pick an area and scout it out. I usually have an idea of what I’m looking for in the location based on the outfit and what I think would look best with it. 

Any top tips to getting the perfect shot? 

Plan it out ahead of time! Once I figure out the look I’ll get an idea of where I want to shoot it, the vibe for the photos, what kind of pictures I need to get (detail shots, full body, etc.) I always save inspo in my saved section on Instagram and just have a good idea of how I want the shot to come out that way shooting is quicker and easier. 

For anyone starting out in the Insta world would you have any advice? 

Yes! I would say find your niche and stick to it and be consistent with posting. Don’t worry if every single post or story is perfect at the beginning because you’ll improve along the way and get more confident in your own style and aesthetic.

Engage with your audience and think about how you can provide value to them. I feel like starting is the most intimidating part because so many people worry what others will think or that there’s not enough room for them but I always say if she can do it, so can you! 

Could you tell us a fun (or interesting) fact about yourself? Something we might not already know? 

If your following me on Instagram but don’t know me personally, you might not know that I’m pretty outgoing and talkative (I need to start sharing more video content to show this more!). I used to be super shy when I was younger but now I can walk in to a room not knowing anyone and make friends. 

A question everyone always wants to know if how influencers become influencers, could you let us know how all this started for you? We know you work in social too, does that help?

Since I studied Fashion Business in college and I’ve always loved following bloggers and influencers on IG so it’s not that surprising to me that I ended up doing this.

I started working at a jewelry company doing their social media which I loved and it’s not even my style/ I’m not their target audience. I decided to start posting fashion content on my own Instagram as a creative outlet to express my personal style and to give the whole influencer thing a try. I’ve been doing that since around March of this year and am loving it, I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about it to just go for it!

You’re based in Toronto, for anyone visiting soon do you have any recommendations to check out? 

Yorkville Village is a really cute area in Toronto with lots of shopping and nice restaurants! 

Your Insta is always poppin’ but do you have a fave outfit you’ve posted recently? 

I loved this look I did recently with knee high boots, an over sized turtleneck and patent leather shorts. I also loved an all black look that I styled croc print leather pants with my croc print western boots from PD! I’m obviously really into styling leather this season and fall is my favorite season to dress for. 

Quick fire Q’s

City Break or Chilled out holiday?

City break, I’m a city girl all the way

Sweet Treat or Savory?


Early Mornings or Late Nights?

Early mornings 

Spring Time or Autumn? Are you all about layering up or rather soak up the sunshine?

Summer for the weather but autumn for the fashion!

Pastels or Bold Colours?


Thanks so much for catching up with us and Maddie, if you want to see more of her stunning content be sure to give her a follow over on Insta. We have a feeling she is the next big thing 😉

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