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26th September 2019.
by Hollie Dingsdale.

This is such an exciting ‘who dat girl’ feature for us here at PD as we absolutely ADORE Sofia.

We can not even explain just how incredibly effortlessly cool Sofia is! Qweeeeen of the over-sized blazer, Instagram neutrals on point every single time and she is also one of the nicest gals ever. Can we just all be Sofia please? Or at least be her bestie..

All that in mind, lets get to know her!

Hi Sofia! Here at PD HQ we already know just how incredible you are but for any of our PDBae’s that don’t yet know you could you give us a quick intro?

I’m Sofia and I’m from Porto, Portugal! 🙂

My main passion is fashion styling and I’m currently studying fashion management in London eheh! 

This is tough because we think you could style up literally anything and look UNREAL but how would you describe your style? 

Hummmm yes it’s so hard ahahah because I feel like I mix it up so much? Like sometimes I’m all about comfy outfits and sometimes I just feel like dressing up? I don’t have an answer to this one… yet :p

Do you have one ULTIMATE piece in your wardrobe which you could not live without?

I think my vintage black Dior bag! Because I found it in depop for such a good price and it’s in such an excellent condition, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being obsessed with it! I loveeee a good vintage find!

What’s you go-to outfit for.. 

A chilled day, maybe brunch bit of shopping etc. Sweatpants, nikes and a cool sweatshirt! 

A night out / drinks with the girls.. jeans, basic top, leather jacket and cool shoes.

We are forever swooning over your dreamy Insta but do you have a certain way of shooting or something specific you look for in your shot? 

I always try to find clean backgrounds so the outfit doesn’t “get lost” but sometimes when the outfit is too simple I try to change it a bit, like showing the city I’m in the background, etc! I also like to share where I go to, and where I eat cause I think it’s very useful if people go to the same places eheh.  

For someone wanting to get into the world of content creation, do you have any tips for starting up? 

Absolutely! I think you should engage as much as possible with the audience and be very consistent with your posting! Besides that just be yourself and you’ll always have someone who likes what you do 🙂

Do you look anywhere specific for inspo? 

Yesss Endlessly Love Club, Blvckd0pe and Matilda Djerf are my ultimate fave insta accounts! But since I moved to London I also get a lot of inspo from the streets and of course I use pinterest a lot!!

Of course we couldn’t not mention your new little addition to the fam, you’re little bird! Could you tell us a bit about him? 

Omg! I miss him so much… His a cute little blue Agapornis and his name is Turco! It was a birthday gift to my boyfriend because he wanted one for sooo long! Now they are best friends and Turco is in love with him ahah, unfortunately we couldn’t manage to bring him here with us because it was so hard and expensive so he stayed with my bf’s mom! eheh My bf will be back in Portugal soon and they’ll be together again though obviously <3 

Any major fashion regrets?

I think wearing fishnet socks so much ahahah It’s not that I don’t like them but I literally wore them with EVERY outfit hahah!

Now, quick fire time!

Heels or Flats? Flats!!

Vintage or Fresh Outta’ The Box? Vintage <33

Early Mornings or Late Nights? Both eheh

Joggers or Jeans? joggers

Pastels or Neon? Pastels

Silver or Gold Jewellery? Both as well ahah I can’t choose but I love mixing up both!

If you would like to see more of Sofia and her killer’ looks, be sure to check her out over on Insta! You can also get her look with the Honor Boots in Black, Mine in White, Ripped Jeans and of course Joggers!

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