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Workin’ it at PDHQ: Robyn Lynch – blogger outreach

14th January 2016.
by Sarah.


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at PDHQ? Who does what role and what it’s like to work at a fierce online footwear brand? Well look no further bae, allow us to introduce you to Robyn, our seriously fashion forward blogger outreach exec.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role and an average day for a Blogger Outreach Exec?

It might sound a little bit clichéd but no two days are the same for me! My role is very varied, from researching cool new girls to work with, sending out the latest styles to bloggers, creating and organising blogger content for our social channels and homepage, or getting out of the office and meeting bloggers. Whether at a Public Desire event, LFW or behind the scenes on a photo-shoot there is always something exciting going on!

Was Blogger Outreach something you always knew you wanted to do? 

Since I was around 18 (longer ago than I care to admit) I had a blog of my own. At the time, blogging was a very new thing and a lot of the bloggers who are now household names were also just starting out. Back then it was seen as a hobby and I don’t think anyone thought it would turn into a full time job, whether as a blogger or as a part of PR. For my degree I studied fashion journalism and gained some experience in PR through internships before I landed my first role in blogger outreach.

I think myself very fortunate to have turned my hobby into a career and to have been working in the field for over two years now. I love working with bloggers I admire on a daily basis and never imagined that I would ever work on the other side of blogging. While it wasn’t planned, I now couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else and thank my lucky stars I ended up where I have.

What advice would you give to potential bloggers who are just starting out? 

The future of blogging and what the next big thing will be is something that is constantly discussed. In my mind it is something that will only continue to get bigger, with bloggers and YouTubers reaching celebrity status and doing everything from launching their own make up lines, writing books, appearing in nationwide TV adverts and as the face of brand campaigns.

My advice would be to just be you. With so many bloggers out there around the world it’s so important to have your own identity and the best way to do that is to remain true to yourself! Also, never give up! With so many amazing bloggers around these days, it might seem hard to stand out but there’s is only one you, so concentrate on that. Don’t compare yourselves to others and believe in what you do whole heartedly – it shows!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

That’s a tricky one! There is nothing quite like watching a project you’ve worked on come together and going live online, whether on Public Desire social channels and homepage or on a bloggers channels. However, I think my favourite part is meeting up with bloggers face to face either at events, photo shoots or LFW! I also still have fan-girl moments when certain bloggers feature the brand I work for and get really excited over features.

What exciting things are coming up at Public Desire you’re really looking forward to this year?

That would be telling! This week I am popping down to London to go behind the scenes of our SS16 photo shoot. We’re going to be creating some super cool content with a blogger I’ve loved for years so am really excited about that. We’re also launching our US site in February which has given me the opportunity to work on some exciting projects with some of the bloggers I love over there. London Fashion Week is coming up as well as festival season (my favourite time of year), so you can expect lots of exciting things to come from Public Desire this year – things are blowing up!

Follow Robyn on Twitter: @robyn_lynch and on Insta: @robyn_lynch

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