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In honour of our fave gal Pixie Lott’s birthday today, we’ve got together the times she’s slayed and it’s one hella long list. Get ready to double tap on these insta-perf’ pictures.
Pixie Lott Killing The Game
  1. One serious insta-stalk later, these are our fave pics of Pixie Lott, proving she’s flames even when she’s off duty.
  2. When she gave us plenty of excuses to indulge in watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the hundredth time.
  3. Just because she loves autumn, doesn’t mean this girl’s basic, and she took the perf’ boomerang to prove it.
  4. When her natural curls got us to give up the straighteners for good, and our hair has thanked us 1,000 times over.
  5. When she and Oliver Cheshire made the cold look hot. It’s official: matching with bae is totally okay.
  6. When she slayed the perspex game in ALIA STRAPPY PERSPEX GLITTER HEELS. Get us a pedi, we need these shoes in our collection.
  7. When she got the greenery memo before the rest of us, and killed it on holiday.
  8. When she kept it cool in khaki by adding our KEELY HIGH HEELS to her shoe-drobe. Anyone else for a seasonal update?
  9. When she reminded us that she’s kween. Pass us the crown.
  10. When she got engaged looking over St Paul’s and we can’t even get a call back.
  11. When her simple white dress ootn looked lit with our NIKKI STRAPPY STILETTOS. We’ve got plans for tonight.
  12. When she took her Instagram game to the next level and added a polaroid to the mix. Meta.
  13. When her new ‘do gave us all the pastel pinky feels. brb, calling our hairdresser.

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