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As many of you will know, October is Black History Month. The celebration falls differently across the UK and US however as PD is a UK based brand we have decided to celebrate this month along with the rest of the UK. 

If you are a PD Instagram follower you will of seen how we reacted as a brand to the devastating death of George Floyd earlier this year. Although we used the brands platform of 1.5M followers to help raise awareness and show our support, we felt we could do more to continue and use our brand to spread the #BLM focus long term.

Since May we have worked both internally as well as sharing on our social channels about what we can and have began to do differently moving forward. By doing this we believe our actions will support the movement on a long term basis and ensure we are doing our very best to help this message be ongoing. 

Throughout the month of October we are going to be focusing all PD Blog posts on the topic of #BLM covering a mixture of posts, from Q&A's, discussions, sources of information, what PD is doing as a brand, our long term plans, what you can do to show your support etc. Each week we will share two blog posts in honour of Black History Month. 

We look forward to learning more and sharing this with you! ✊🏾

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