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#BLM - Petitions To Sign

Today we are sharing the many petitions that still need help when it comes to signatures, this is a key way to support the movement. If you are unable to donate in terms of money then by simply adding your signature to the petitions shared this is an effective and efficient action that will lead to change.

A detailed list of petitions can be found on the BLM Card here -

The site shares tips on what petitions to sign along with help on postcodes incase your location means you are unable to provide a suitable address to complete the signature process. Popular zipcodes that can be used are: 90015 - Los Angeles, California, 10001 - New York City, New York and 75001 - Dallas, Texas. Also, if you have more than one email address you can sign each petition more than once.

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor -

Breonna Taylor -

Breonna Taylor -

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery -

Ahmaud Arbery - 2

Justice for Elijah McClain

Justice for Belly Mujinga

Pass The Geogia Hate Crime Bill

Justice For Joāo Pedro

Police Accountability Act of 2020

Hands Up Act

Defund MPD

Life Sentence For Police Brutality

Justice for Tamir Rice

Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Justice for Tony McDade

George Floyd -

George Floyd -

George Floyd -

George Floyd -

Justice for Willie Simmons

Justice for Kyjuanzi Harris

Justice for Alejandro Vargas Martinez

Sean Reed -

Reopen Kendrick Johnson's Case

Justice for Jamee Johnson

Justice for Darrius Stewart

For more petitions that require signatures, please head over to the BLM Card here -

Please sign as many petitions as your possibly can. The pages and pages of victims names listed along with their petitions sharing the awful acts committed against them proves more than ever just how vital the movement is. 

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