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Celebrating Halloween 2020 Style

So, as we all probably guessed we won't be heading to the club this year in celebration of Halloween, instead it's looking like pumpkin picking is the only place we'll be heading out to. That said, it doesn't mean we can't still get dressed up and celebrate spooky season in style!

We all got used to the regular Zoom with the girls during lockdown and whilst we probs never want to see a virtual quiz ever again, why not plan something a little bit different for October 31st..

Pumpkin Carving 

A classic, pumpkin carving is 100% on the cards for the virtual Halloween celebrations. We're thinking, either plan for you and the gals to buy a pumpkin in prep for a night of carving, snacking and even a few Halloween style cocktails. We know 2020 has been a struggle on peoples mental health so why not even surprise your besties with a pumpkin doorstop drop off! Surprise, looks like you do have Saturday plans after all babe!

Movie Night 

Now it wouldn't be Halloween without a few frights! Why not pick out some of the best well known Halloween films and join the video call to watch all together! Just make sure you trust everyone to not make you jump in those moments of suspense! No tricks today thanks BOO.

PS. Don't forget the popcorn for this one huns, after all Halloween is MAINLY about the snacks. Feeling adventurous? Why not make some Halloween themed goodies? Marshmallow ghosts, witches hat biscuits.. Pinterest has it ALL if you need abit of help. 

Fancy Dress Competition 

Now, this one will depend on if your girls LOVE the Halloween dress up not. Legit every year, if you dress up you 100% want a sassy pic for the gram and lets face it.. This year does not need to be any different. Yeah we might not be heading out-out but drinking games on Zoom doesn't sound to shabby! Not sure what to wear for your outfit? Check out our 2020 Halloween Costume Ideas for major inspo.

Games Night 

If you still want to catch up with the girls, but aren't feelin' the faff of outfit prep etc. why not just use Halloween as an excuse for a catch up? Plan a games night over zoom and if you REALLY want to bring back the quizzes then go on girl, why the hell not! 


Want to treat yourself this Halloween? Check out new in, just treats at PD, never tricks!

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