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Face mask ruining your make up?

We know there are bigger issues happening ATM but since 24th July, it has been mandatory to wear a face mask in shops. There will be days when the no make up look is the vibe and we are livin' for those days! However sometimes a full face will be in order so we wanted to check out some of the main tips to stop your face mask from ruining your make up! 

Firstly you'll actually need a face covering. We have some cute reusable ones over on the PD site, available in both Black and Nude so no colour clashing with your new fit.

Moisturizing and Priming! 

Your new fave duo, these steps are of course always important in your regular routine but mask acne is a real thing babes and we are doing our best to avoid it! Ensure both your products are long lasting to keep your skin super hydrated under your mask. 

Lightweight Products!

No matter how long your mask is going to be on, lightweight products are going to be an absolute hero! We need to ensure we can stop our skin getting mega clogged so keep that make up as light as possible ATM. 

Attention to detail! 

Brows, like they were not a necessity before but filling in these babies is going to be your new ride or die. When wearing a mask of course all that can be seen is brows and your eyes. Keep it simple with a nude lid or add a pop of colour if wanting to make a statement. We have included some of our fave eye looks below for inspo!

Glow goals from @rebekaheller

 Dreamy neutrals from @jordanlipscombee and can we just take a second for these clips! Yessss to the perfect face mask accessories! 

Setting Spray! 

Obvious but essential, this final step could be that tiny barrier to keep that contour in perfect place. 

Mask Up!

After spending all day with your mask on, the idea of another face mask might make you feel mega ugh! BUT we are so on board for getting home and chilling out with a hydrating face mask. As always Jayde Pierce is serious goals with this pic!

Do you have any other top tips for getting through the mask wearing days? Drop us a tweet over @PublicDesire 

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