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Happy Pancake Day! If there has ever been a better time to make the most of Pancake Day it's lockdown, go all out today babe! You 100% deserve it 🥞🥞 

Let's talk toppings.. We wanna know if you prefer this or that? 

Keep it classic with syrup or fruit and icing sugar?

100% doin' it for the gram! Choc chips or edible flowers?

Ugh, we are obsessed! Chocolate filled with strawbs or banana and chocolate sauce? (We are struggling to decide on this one!) 🍓🍓

A major level up of the pancake game! Smores or Oreos 😱

Last but of course no way least 🍫🍫

Chocolate sauce or keep it sweet with fruit? 

 Be sure to let us know your fave topping by voting in the poll on the PD Instagram stories HERE ❤️

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