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How To… Get Your Festival Face On Fleek

Gemstones, glitter, sparkles and stickers – the more we can pile on to our faces come festival season, the happier we are.  Our blogger baes had their festival make-up faces on fleek for our Lookbook shoot at Wild Life festival so we wanted to give you the low down on how to get sparkle sassin’.
Festival Make-Up The PD Way
You can buy little pots of glitter from nearly every beauty bar these days, however children’s craft glitter also works just as well. Dab some Vaseline on to the areas of your face you want the glitter to be, then swipe the glitter on top and seal with hair spray if you wish (close your eyes when you do this!). For a more polished look, you can also use a make-up brush. Make like Paige Joanna and play up your peepers with a holographic touch.
Face Gems
We love Sarah and Yasmine’s face gem look! Our blogger baes were all crazy for In Your Dreams, the one stop shop for that ultimate festival face. Whether you want to place your face gems around your brow line, across your forehead or under your eyes, there are so many possibilities. Simply peel and stick to the desired areas of your face for full wow factor!
The Full Festival Face
Can’t decide between glitter or face gems? You don’t have to! We’re head over heels for these all out looks from Sophie Hannah Richardson and The Pixie Cut. Get extra sparkly and sassin’ with gems across your forehead and glitter under your eyes to do some major head turning this festival season. Wanna see how Sophie made her Mer-babein’ look? Click the video below for her how to guide!
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