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PD's Podcast Recommendations

Who doesn't love a podcast.. An easy listen and just something to pop on in the background, however how you listen may of swapped recently! Instead of tuning in on the daily commute to/from work it may of now swapped to listening when working from home or helping you chill out after doing the 9-5 grind from your new kitchen table office set-up. We asked the team at PD HQ for their fave podcast recommendations along with a few well known faves! 

Lets go! 

The Receipts Podcast 

A firm fave in the PD office, The Receipts Podcast is hosted by Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye and Milen Sanchez. Nothing is off limits with these babes, girl talk at its absolute finest! ❤️

The Girls Bathroom

Another absolute must listen to is The Girls Bathroom by influencer besties, Sophia and Cinzia. Talking over your dilemas on a weekly basis and giving us the serious home truths we all need to hear! 


The Boss Babe Podcast 

Want to hear a true behind the scenes of all things business? Tune into The Boss Babe podcast, sharing different topics with guest hosts from Rebecca Minkoff to tips with Instagram sales, starting businesses from home and catching that big break. This one has got you covered sis! 

When Life Gives You Melons

Another top spot for the PD office faves is When Life Gives You Melons as hosted by Maya Jama. Maya covers everything from work, life, sex, love stories, pay rises, the quarter life crisis.. You name it Maya and her all female guest have covered it! 

Black Gals Livin

Another dreamy duo smashing it when it comes to real talk are Jasmine and Victoria, the babes behind the Black Gals Livin postcast. We interviewed the girls a little while back in celebration of International Womens Day. Chatting about mental health, pop culture and a whole heap of everyday topics every single Monday! Something to start the week right 

Gurls Talk

Another place to catch up on all things girl talk! Hosted by model Adwoa Aboah sharing fierce female chat on the weekly, from chatting with Lexi Brumback from the Netflix series Cheer to Megan Barton-Hanson about the truth behind reality TV. We're 100% sure you'll be feeling hella inspired after this one babe! 

Table Manners

Another PD HQ fave, Table Manners is hosted by Jessie Ware along with her mum Lennie (who is a chef). One for the foodies, along with a good old chat all from Jessie dinner table. With weekly guests too including Jamie Oliver, Roman Kemp and even Twiggy! This is not one to miss huns 🖤


We all have those days when we think, why were we never taught ANY of this in school? Well, Oenone Forbat has created the incredible Adulting podcast to discuss everrrrything we could ever want to figure out! 

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Another office ranking top spot! Guy Raz shares with us how many well known businesses started up and gives us a deeper insight into how its not all easy. The grind is most definitely real. Whether you're listening in the hope of setting up your own business one day or just want to hear how some of the well known companies started up, this is 100% a must listen. We LOVED the Jo Malone interview! Good things take time honeys and these easy listens will for sure leave you feelin' hella inspired! 

With so many podcast lovers in the PD office we wanted to make sure we included as many suggestions as possible! Be sure to check out any of the following if you're feelin' them! 

The Food Medic 

Medical Doctor and personal trainer, Dr Hazel Wallace shares evidence based advice on how we can live healthier lives without any confusing info. One for the health driven PD Baes. 

Why Won't You Date Me?

Host Nicole Byer explores why she is single whilst interviewing ex-flings and guest hosts along with sharing all topics relating to love and life.

Birthday Skin

Hosts Charlie and Amy are all about making skincare less confusing and do all the hard work for us, researching the best products us gals want and should be using on our skin! 

Lover of a true crime? Check out -

Case File
A weekly Australian crime podcast hosted by an Australian man who likes to keep himself anonymous. With the series dating back to 2016, you'll have many to pick from! From cold cases, solved and the well known, Casefile will have a crime you want to listen to, just maybe not on your own..
The Dating Game Killer
Hosted by Tracy Pattin and Stephen Lang, this six part series shares the journey of Rodney Alcala after he appeared on The Dating Game, little did anyone know who he actually was!
All about the FasHUN? These ones are for you! -
Dior Talks
Gucci Podcast 
The Business of fashion
Fashion No Filter

Be sure to let us know if you tune in to any of the PD HQ podcast reccomendations or if you have any favourties you'd like to share with the team be sure to tweet us @PublicDesire 

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