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Trending - Embroidery

Embroidery is a trend that appears each Summer season and one we will probably never get bored of! With so many different takes and design ideas we feel like the embroidery trend is going to forever be in our hearts.

We thought we’d do a round up of some of the recent embroidery trends we are loving ATM.

Two words.. Tik Tok. Like many others we spent quite a lot of our lockdown experience scrolling through Tik Tok videos, from dance moves to baking, we loved the lot! 

One trend that stuck out to us was the embroidery challenge in which you upcycle a piece of your clothing with stunning stitching. We spotted so many Tik Tokers upcycling their sportswear and we are OBSESSED. Check out our faves!



Fancy trying out the trend for yourself? Be sure to check out @kathrynrowland’s tips here!

Tie dying sportswear was a huge Tik Tok lockdown trend too!

When wearing embroidery it’s good to keep the embroidered item as the key feature to your look, whether that be a blazer, bag or your shoes. We have some serious boho vibes happening when it comes to the Storm Flatforms and Hana Ankle Boots.




Tried out the embroidery trend for yourself recently? Be sure to show us by tweeting @PublicDesire

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