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Working From Home - The perfect set up!

With lockdown round two looming there will be some of us who have continued working from home since March, some who have had a taste of normality heading back into the office and some who may be new to the whole WFH set up. With this we wanted to share our top tips to adapting to the working from home life. 

It is SO important to keep to a routine, now we're not saying to keep that 6.30am alarm if you only need to walk from your bed to the desk (no dreaded cold commute to work is probably the best part of lockdown) but by keeping an early-ish wake up call will make sure you're tired that night meaning no 2AM Insta scrolling trying to drift back off to sleep. Trust us, long term you'll be grateful! 

Now we have our wake up alarm sorted, lets talk getting ready.. This one is down to you but throwing on a hoodie over your PJ's for a video call may seem like a dream but it can be hard to be in the true work mind-set when chatting to your boss in your cosy pj's. Why not go for joggers, that trusty hoodie and some cosy slippers just to make you feel a little more work ready. If you want to do a full face of make up and your hair to make you feel all set for the day then go girl! But don't pressure yourself to do what you'd do in terms of getting ready for the office when you're probs sat at your kitchen table answering your emails.  


Speaking of kitchen tables, your desk set up is an essential to your WFH plan. If possible try to set up your workspace somewhere different to your bedroom. Now trust us, we know how tempting it is to stay snug and put on Netflix in the background BUT if we are thinking long term plans for our set up we need a spot that allows us to switch off from work at 5pm. If you do need to work from your bedroom try to set up a little desk area, we are thinkin' somewhere with some natural day light, a chair that isn't going to give you major back probs (one tip learnt from the PD HQ team that one), a space for your laptop/computer and why not finish off with some decoration. We all love our little trinkets on our desk in the office so why not do the same at home? 


You have probably guessed this one but.. WATER. Make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated and topped up on your water intake. The home comforts and constant cups of tea are a real perk of home working but make sure you keep that water intake high. This is the same with snacks and lunch too, try to keep your lunch time similar to if you were in work (the days will deffo drag if you go to early bae). 


Now we know home work-outs aren't for everyone but just heading outside even if it's only for a quick breathe of fresh air can work wonders when working from home. Whether you want to wake up a bit earlier, take a quick jog at lunch (if you have time) or prefer heading out after you clock off just make sure you make time to head outside. 

Once it's time to log off ensure to make time for yourself, it can be so easy to think we'll I'm already home so may as well work, what else it there to do etc. but looking long term you need time to switch off. Turn on that Netflix series you'd have as background noise, run yourself a hot bath, pop on a face mask (the beauty kind) and prepare to pamper yourself! You deserve it babe. 


Keeping in touch with your friends and family is an essential part of adapting to your new working from home routine. Make sure to reach out and stay up to date with your loved ones. We know lockdown is having a big impact on peoples mental health so make the most of all that extra screen time and check in on the people you love. A quick text or call could make a big difference on both yours and their day 💕

If you or a loved one does need help over this period be sure to check out the following resources:

Every Mind Matters

Mental Health support in your area

NHS Check in and chat 

Keeping active at home

Relaxation tips wit MIND

We got this! 💕

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